Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Robber and Thief Juan Carlos Salazar Mena Caught on Tape AGAIN

Robber and Thief, Juan Carlos Salazar Mena, has been a busy Criminal. From Pital, Costa Rica, Juan Carlos Salazar Mena robbed us about 10 days ago and after we posted the video of him breaking into our apartment, people have come out of the woodwork to email us and let us know they too were victims of Juan Carlos Salazar Mena's handiwork. We even got sent a video (poor quality but definitely Juan Carlos Mena) of him breaking into a business. He was caught, but Costa Rica being Costa Rica, nothing was done, so the owner was hoping to join forces with us and help put a stop to Juan Carlos Mena.

This picture is of Juan Carlos Mena Salazar and if you live in either Pital, Aguas Zarcas or La Fortuna, you might want to watch your back and your stuff, when he is around. He is very unassuming, skinny as fuck, kinda cute in a punk-kid kinda way but don't be FOOLED, he will seek out an opportunity. Check out the video below to see Juan Carlos Salazar Mena up to his old tricks.

If you have any information on Juan Carlos Salazar Mena, please email us. We'd appreciate it.

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