Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Renting a Car in Costa YOU NEED to KNOW THIS

Renting a car in Costa Rica? Then you don't want to MISS these very INFORMATIVE videos.
All car rental agencies in Costa Rica are NOT created equal regardless of how recognizable their names may be in the States. So by the time you sign on the dotted line it could literally be hundreds more than you expected and can put a serious crimp on your travel plans, especially if you budget is tight. Don't miss this INFO and double especially the first video. It's a little long but loaded with relevant information that you need to KNOW.

*The only bit of INFO I probably would have mentioned in the first video is to really check-over your car, make sure everything works and note ALL scratches, dents, broken parts etc so there's no problems when you return the car. This has been known to be a problem with dishonest agents.

This next video is about a SCAM that's been run on unexpecting tourists for a LONG time but is totally avoidable for those in the know.

We like Vamos 4x4. But we're definitely not saying they're the only game in town. We stick with what we like. Check out the video to see why we like them.

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