Monday, April 20, 2009

Costa Rica SHOUT OUT!

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Before deciding to totally CHANGE my life and live in Costa Rica, I actually had a semi-regular life, and without getting into the ‘gay’ thing too much, I WAS married with kids for 20 years prior.

My job was my passion, I worked with kids and families at a nationally recognized organization founded in 1917 by Father Edward J Flanagan, called Boys Town, and made famous by a movie of the same name starring Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy.

I worked with literally hundreds of kids and families during my 12-year stint at Boys Town (Here's a story where we did some good for one of our Boys Town kids: DeMarco Brooks). In 1998, I went on to write my own behavioral book and establish my own business, aParentAdvantage. I would go into people’s homes and show them the skills needed to change the behaviors of their out-of-control kids, while fostering healthy relationships. If you know the show Nanny 911, that was me, ONLY BETTER…. that’s a reality show after all and basically a JOKE, but the behaviors I dealt with were very much like the show’s.

Anyway, I learned a few things about people (and kids particularly)- ALL people have the NEED to be recognized (appreciated). Hammering away at a kid and forever giving consequences and feedback without EVER recognizing the good they do is EXTREMELY counter-productive to say the least. People don’t like to be around ‘others’ who forever GIVE criticism andfeedback but never recognize the ‘good’ behavior. Actually this Behavior 101. I don’t care who you are, it’s always NICE when someone points out something good or nice you’ve done that they’ve appreciated. Think of a mother who slaves everyday to put a nice meal on the table every night for her family. You don’t think she doesn’t want to hear some nice words occasionally, “Hey mom, these hamburgers are GREAT, you always make the best burgers.” Not PRAISE necessarily, just a show of appreciation from time to time. We all need it, regardless of what you may think about the QUALITY of your self-esteem.

We just want to say how much we appreciate the following people for giving US a Shout OUT- a little recognition for our work thus far. We’ve been working EXTREMELY hard for the last 14 months or so in order to give you the BEST Costa Rica Travel Info available on the internet, via video and written word. Travel Costa Rica NOW has taken literally hundreds of hours to put together and that doesn’t take into account keeping up our blog sites and videotaping around the country for our Costa Rica Travel Videos- after all, there’s only 2 of us and the LIST of Costa Rica INFO we want to make available to YOU, only gets LONGER- never shorter. There are a lot of GREAT sites out there about Costa Rica, we’re just hoping to be among them at some point in time. We don’t feel the need to compete, we just do what we do and hope you guys find some USE for it.

First Mike, from Jacó did a little piece about us telling his viewers they might find some worth in our Costa Rica Travel Tip Videos. Here’s what he had to say about our work. This was very much APPRECIATED, you have no idea. Kind words and a little RECOGNITION work wonders.

A very popular Costa Rica Blog written by Raven, Así es Costa Rica, had this to say about ‘my’ blog:

On a personal note, this couldn’t have come at a better time as I often tend to take some ‘heat’ for my blogging, and at the time, I was, for this article about AM Costa Rica. (Ironically, the HEAT was coming from within, NOT from actual readers). So, as an avid reader, I was reading Raven's blog and had just happened upon her nice words- they gave me a much needed boost of esteem and motivation.

And our new friend Rayna over at sent us this email (I don’t think she would mind me sharing):

"Guys, I love your videos - the tips- you guys really are great and so real and sincere. :)

* Love the toilet paper necklace.
* I can organize handicap friendly tours- I did some research on that a few years ago and it IS possible, Even to Tortuguero!
* I learned something! those blue phones... I had no idea!
* Really- awesome stuff. Love it. Im gonna write a version of your tips plus a few of mine (if i can think of any) and link to your videos."

~ Rayna J.

And this we just came across yesterday. Very random. It was found in the forum section of the GAP Tours website: Here's what they had to say.

I think it should be noted: We do not know mike from Jacó and I've never met Raven from Así es Costa Rica, and we literally just met Rayna from, two days ago. So, this is NOT a, 'pat each other on the back thing'- or a quid pro quo of sorts. Luckily, I knew of ALL these sites prior and although they don't REALLY know it, I frequent ALL of them because they are GOOD sites that offer pertinent and updated, and in Raven's case, 'snarky' content, and information which I happen to ENjoY. I just don't 'recommend' because someone happens to say something nice about us..... just sayin.

"Nice to meet you, I agree, there's PLENTY to GO around."

So, THANX to Mike, Raven,Rayna and even the random guy- Nice comments are always appreciated and ENCOURAGED... 'they SO keep us going.'

I'm positive we'll ALL be able to fill our little niche in providing the traveler to Costa Rica with whatever it IS each of us does BEST, and EVERYONE, especially the traveler, will be the better for it. Pura Vida!

We have ALL your Costa Rica Travel Information at Travel Costa Rica NOW. and don't forget our Costa Rica Travel Tip Videos posted on YouTube. Hope it HELPS!


Raven said...

Awww, thank you darling! That was so nice of you to say! And I *do* love your blog, lots. Some CR blogs are such carpy nonsense, but yours is great. hey wait tho, did you call me a snark there? ;-D heh heh...

Unknown said...

Hey Michael, thanks for the kind words. We have become unabashed fans-keep it up!

Unknown said...

haha... people are going to begin to think we're ALL neighbors or something... so I'll just say, "you're welcome."