Friday, April 10, 2009

Do'in Costa Rica is BACK from San Jose

BACK from San Jose... and do I have Costa Rica Travel Information for YOU.

I meant to Blog, I meant to keep up, hell, we took BOTH laptops- but you know what they say about 'good intentions'.

The GOOD NEWS is, we got TONS of new stuff. Now comes the difficulty of editing, organizing, writing, re-editing, re- writing.... but I can assure you, our computers will be working overtime in the next few weeks to get this INFO to YOU.

I just gotta say, I've been known to bad mouth San Jose from time to time, comparing it to Detroit... and have questioned many of expats who have decided to relocate there, but I think I may have changed my tune a bit. Stay tuned as to WHY.

So, WE'RE back- don't forget to check back and catch some of our new TRAVEL info in and around the San Jose area- which will of course, have my perspective to DEAL with.

Do'in Costa Rica was there, but NOW we've RETURNED.

We have ALL your Costa Rica Travel Information at Travel Costa Rica NOW. and don't forget our Costa Rica Travel Tip Videos posted on YouTube. Hope it HELPS!


Cher1202 said...

Looking forward to the videos...I think you two are awesome and the videos are extremely helpful. Thanks a million!

Unknown said...

Nice comments are always appreciated... thanx.