Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shark Finning- the TRUTH

'Shark Finning, Shrimp Trawling, Longline Fishing- when will the SHARKS and SEA TURTLES catch a BREAK!'

Although I had eaten shark-fin soup, (IGNORANCE wasn't even tasty), before moving to Costa Rica I really didn’t know much about shark finning, longline fishing, and the plight of the sea turtles and how it related and affected the overall 'Circle of Life'. I have since been educated that this is not VEGAS- so what happens in the OCEANS around the WORLD affect EVERYTHING and EVERYONE… and unless something is DONE, this ‘Circle’ may become a VERY sad game of connect the dots in the very near future.


Shark finning in particular is a HUGE problem, and especially here in Costa Rica and especially, especially in Puntarenas, where the Taiwanese influence in Costa Rica is growing. Ironically, Costa Rica has some of the BEST laws on the BOOKS in regards to shark finning and longline fishing but like many laws here, ENFORCEMENT is a totally different matter. Money talks....

My hope is to get the WORD out. I had a chance to sit down with the 'Anti-Shark Finning, Sea Turtle Preservation People', PRETOMA, and speak with its president, Randall Arauz. If you have any questions concerning the Who, Why, What, Where and How of Shark-Finning, this is the video for YOU.

Tell your friends, EMBED this video, re-TWEET this post, Facebook it, DIGG it, Link-it, do whatever it takes to get the word out about shark finning, longline fishing, and of course, the plight of the sea turtles. It’s really the LEAST we could do. Without further ado:

There's a wealth of information out there, so get educated and REMEMBER this isn't just about SHARKS, it's much BIGGER than that, this is about the food chain, the Circle of Life and how it affects us ALL.

FYI= there ARE organizations doing some GREAT work in the preservation of sea turtles along with the never ending battle of educating, informing, policing, (and in Costa Rica's case, taking them to court), the PUBLIC at large in regards to the practices/abuses/consequences of shark finning, shrimp trawling and longline fishing.

Of course the folks at Pretoma, and also Rob Stewart and the ‘Sharkwater’ people, but here's a few MORE organizations attempting to make a DIFFERENCE:

* Stop Shark Finning
* Oceana- Protecting the World's Oceans

Maybe it's TIME 'YOU' made a DIFFERENCE- like I said, "Money TALKS."

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International Mom said...

It's terrible!!!!!! I know, and every one saw this happening when china and costa rica became buddy buddy
and you're right costa rica, on paper, looks great. we have all the laws and eco stuff going on.
I mean china came here with $250 million cash. of course, they are going to want the fins!!!!!
it's sick!!!!

Unknown said...

Some things about Costa Rica (and people in general) just SADDEN me. This would be one of them. What don't we understand? Why are we just so gung-ho on destroying... ugh!

International Mom said...

it's called money!! bottom line, oscar arias is a business man, and his family owns more than 50% of this country. so a few sharks is nothing to them, when millions are crossing hands. that's the sad reality in the world, unfortunately!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I know it's the MONEY, it always is. Eventually we WILL reap what we sow and the millions will be irrelevant.

International Mom said...

Exactly, I guess that's why the folks who think that the world is ending in 2012!