Monday, June 1, 2009

AM Costa Rica- Setting the Journalism Bar LOWER and lower

'AM Costa Rica- Where the Advertisements get EDITED better than stories'

I've had a few issues with AM Costa Rica, 'Your Daily English-language News Source Monday through Friday', in the recent past, feel free to get acquainted- A.M. Costa Rica is FUGLY let me count the WAYS and this, AM Costa Rica RESPONDS to 'lil ol me and also this, AM Costa SUCKS pt 3. Actually, looking at the titles, I'm thinkin 'FUGLY' or 'SUCKS' probably gives my opinion away.

I must admit, AM Costa Rica makes it way easy to criticize and my only point in doing so is that maybe, just maybe Jay Brodell, Editor of ALL that is AM Costa Rica, will do something about it. The potential of this internet NEWS source is off the HOOK- what doesn't he understand?

Check out the above: The story on the TOP is brief, yet explains succinctly the important details, especially if you're handicapped and give a shit.

But what is this CRAP on the BOTTOM?

If you're NOT going to fill in ANY details and merely report an event, it should have read something like this:
Fuerza Pública officers made a sweep through Cartago centro Saturday night and early Sunday and checked out establishments in Manuel de Jesús Jiménez, Cot, Quircot, Taras and Guadalupe. Citations were given for various infractions ranging from....

Obviously just an example.

Here's a short list of questions I was thinking when I read the 'article', which if answered, may have made the story more interesting to the reader (in no particular order):

1. Were their any other problems? Looks like a lot of 'establishments' were checked... only one problem?

2. Has this Brick Brac place had issues in the past, run-ins with police... anything?

3. Is their a security guy at the door, is this a disco or just a bar and restaurant?

4. What's the law state on this in regards to a 'place of business' being responsible for its patrons?

5. Was this guy wearing Cocaine capsules around his neck, were they hidden... did he shove them up his ass and the security guy just didn't see them? This shit is important.

6. Did officers frisk every one in the Brick Brac, what's the law on that?

7. Did the 'owners' of the BriK Brac get to issue any sort of statement on their own behalf?

Is it just me... WTF?

I'm sorry, I can't go on, it's too long of a list. In my mind, the way this is written, I have to ASSUME too much. But it works because it sounds like the BricK Brac is a crack den and should be avoided at all costs. Good job police department. I blame AM Costa Rica for making me draw THAT conclusion, or ANY conclusion for that matter, and furthermore the owners of the BricK Brac should take issue with your,, hell, I don't even know what it is that shitty ass snippet of 'whatever' is called. It's certainly not informative, it may be factual, but who knows, like I said, not filling in the details,,, mine is BETTER and much more appropriate.

So, that bit of informative news I couldn't live without was done by the A.M. Costa Rica staff... "Damn, how many of you did it take to write that?" Actually, how many Blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Know the answer, then you know the answer.

AM Costa Rica STAFF?

And please don't blame this on my browser.

Oh and one more MAJOR beef: This article entitled, 'Costa Rica simply is not a foreign worker's paradise' written May 25th by Garland M. Baker, a 'supposed' EXPERT, is perhaps the most poorly written article published in AM Costa Rica in the last few months. Chalk FULL of negativity, misleading facts... and talk about one sided- Garland is WAY out of the LOOP on this one. How this made the cut, I'll never know.

"Come on Jay, I'm beggin HERE. Step it UP... you can SHINE I know it."

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