Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AM Costa Rica RESPONDS to 'lil ol me.

Do'in Costa Rica vs. AM Costa Rica- Round 2... sort of.

The editor… and I think owner of AM Costa Rica, 'Your online English-language news source Monday thru Friday', Jay Brodell, RESPONDED to my scathing editorial I wrote about them the other day: AM Costa Rica is FUGLY- let me count the WAYS.

Wow, seriously, I was flattered… well at first anyway. Even a tiny bit scared if truth be told.

So, if you read my post, I pretty much unloaded on AM Costa Rica (with examples) as to what I thought of their, ‘English-language news source Monday thru Friday’ - constructive criticism because I CARE. Really, I thought I entertainingly reamed them a new ASSHOLE, but I swear, my intentions were sincere. I called them out on a variety of issues: the overall UGLINESS of their site (it is), the fact it is NOT user friendly (it isn’t), lack of overall writing skills (10th grade at best), and even went so far as to say AM Costa Rica is basically a front for making advertising dollars (tell me it isn’t).

Really AM, underneath it ALL, you are what you ARE.

I was about 2 steps from calling AM Costa Rica’s mom- a BITCH.

Had I gone too far or would Mr. Brodell appreciate my criticism and thank me for my most EXCELLENT observations. I doubted this.

But what did cross my mind:

Lake Arenal which sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano was once a smaller lake (reservoir). It was purposely flooded in order to expand it so it could be used for hydroelectric purposes. A town (old Arenal) sits at the bottom of the lake; a community that found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it occurred to me that I could be its sole inhabitant, if you get my drift.

So, with all this, what would Mr. Brodell write, well, here it is. (I wouldn’t normally post an email, but since it’s so impersonal I decided I would use the exact copy).

'I noticed that you were having trouble reading our newspaper. The headlines in the example you gave seem to run together.

We are using Times Roman at 14 points for body type. And there might be a problem with the pixel size of the monitor. It may be that you have your monitor and browser set to use your own typefaces, hence the distortion.'


Jay Brodell
A.M. Costa Rica

I’m thinking I would have gotten further if I would have called AM Costa Rica’s mom a BITCH. I didn’t know what to make of this. Oh by the way, he’s referring to this:

Personally, I thought this looked like a 'tag cloud'

Did he read the post? With all I BAD mouthed, he’s talking about this drivel- and blaming it on MY computer, my browser. I was perplexed to say the least.

I didn’t know if I should respond or what. Well, you know me, I NEED the last word. So, with careful contemplation, I decided to play along…. sort of.

From me to Mr. Brodell:

'Thanx, that may be true (referring to my browser) With all due respect, AM Costa Rica has more issues to consider rather than if I can view its headlines... just sayin'

Jay responds yet again, in an “I’m rubber your glue,” type of fashion, with:

'Well, you were the guy who brought it up.'

Wow, he really gets to the point huh? And so edg-U-ma-cated. Na-na-na boo-boo!

Okay Mr. Brodell owner of, ‘Your online English-language news source Monday thru Friday’, YOU WIN.

I don’t know what to say. I tried. I suppose if you want to blame the fact AM Costa Rica has some MAJOR issues on my browser, then so be it. What’s the quote about ‘Denial not being a river in Egypt?’ Hey, Mr. Brodell, for your own education: What the WIKI people say about Denial.

AM Costa Rica, I just want you to know, I’m officially calling your mom a Bitch… BITCH.

If I suddenly disappear off the planet, could someone please dust off their scuba gear?

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