Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do'in Costa Rica has 'WORK' to do


Looks like we'll be Do'in our THING the next few days or so... traveling around Costa Rica, videotaping our experiences so we can SHARE them with YOU- someone's gotta do it.... hehe. I'm SO glad these VIDEO'S don't make themselves, because we LOVE doing them. But when we get back, I can guarantee NEW adventures, NEW stories, and NEW reviews and whatever else we happen to run into- Adventure has a way of FINDING us.

Feel free to venture into the archives and take a look at past posts if you're NEW to this blog, you NEVER know what may be helpful.

Switching GEARS and nothing to do with Costa Rica- Check this out. Some of you know we came to Costa Rica from Las Vegas. The guy singing the following song, Seth, used to spend quite a bit of time at our house, it's nice to see he's doing well and followed his passion. He's an excellent song writer. The name of the group is, 'the Higher'. ENjoY.

Hey Everyone, we got TONS of Costa Rica Travel Information in our Travel Guide at Travel Costa Rica NOW and don't FORGET all our Costa Rica Travel Tip Videos, completely ORGANIZED so you can EASILY find what you're LOOKING for. ENjOY!