Monday, May 18, 2009

She Moved to Costa Rica by HERSELF- Q&A

Making the move to La Fortuna Costa Rica, Mendee takes a little break and checks out Rio Celeste with a friend.

Traveling to Costa Rica is ONE thing, and even for a week’s visit one needs to do their homework to ensure the BEST time possible. Visit our site: Travel Costa Rica NOW to do just that. But actually moving and Living in Costa Rica is an entirely different matter.

Our friend Mendee did just that. Young, pretty and single, Mendee decided to follow her dreams and move OUT of the United States (San Diego) and into Costa Rica, armed only with a previous month’s long vacation, determination and her faithful companions, Helmet and Barron.

Check out this VIDEO to see what motivated Mendee to make the move. She answers all the questions: Buying a house in Costa Rica, Starting a business in Costa Rica, Bringing dogs across the border, Living and working as a single woman in the land of ‘machismo’, Does Gringo Pricing and Tico time really exist- and much, much more. Mendee is very candid about the advantages and disadvantages of living as a young Gringa in Costa Rica.

You don’t want to miss this, especially if you’re considering making the MOVE to Costa Rica yourself, and double especially if you're a young WOMAN, as Mendee offers GREAT perspective:

and here's PART 2 with Mendee:

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