Thursday, September 24, 2009

Casa Caletas Hotel- tell me it's NOT true

Casa Caletas Hotel on the Nicoya Penisula in Costa Rica- "Do you care about the sea turtles... well, do ya?"

Casa Caletas Hotel on the Nicoya Peninsula needs to be held to a little accountability... or NOT, and that's the point of this POST- I think we're entitled to some answers.

Independence Day in La Fortuna is over which means I have written my ONE 'feel-good' post for the month (I do have monthly quotas you know). Now I can get back to what I do best, wading through BULLSHIT.

So, where were we? Oh yeah, the Casa Caletas Hotel down on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Here's a quick summary taken from my last post:

I wrote about Agropecuaria Caletas S.A., the fucks who continue to (ignoring a mandate) obliterate, annihilate, devastate and ‘drain’ the wetlands within the Caletas Ario National Wildlife Refuge, which was created to protect the olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles that nest there- Oh! and get this, ALL for the sake of planting a cornfield… a fuckin CORNFIELD. How SAD is that? Go to Pretoma's website for the full article.

So, the president of Agropecuaria Caletas S.A. is, Sylvester Feichtinger, who is also the supposed owner of the Casa Caletas Hotel. But,

...let's just say I want to START over and give the benefit of the doubt to Casa Caletas... really you NEVER know.

Here's my OPEN letter to what I'm sure is a FINE establishment:

Dear Hotel Casa Caletas,

Hey CC, how's it going? I think that's enough pleasantries. First, is the owner of Casa Caletas Hotel, Sylvester Feichtinger? If not, is he connected to your hotel in ANYWAY, or any of the following businesses: Tico Resorts which oversees Lake Coter Eco Lodge in Nuevo Arenal, and Fuego del Sol Hotel near Playa Hermosa?

Are you aware of the problems concerning the above article? If so, what are you doing or NOT doing about it?

That's it Casa Caletas... for now.

Respond to, and I will publish your response with NO editing ( I promise) and then we can go from there. I will either issue a BLOG apology, or NOT. Obviously if I don't hear from you, I will proceed tying your hotel into the ABOVE issue.

I await your response.

For a BETTER Costa Rica,

michael alan

Don't worry Casa Caletas, I can wait... for awhile anyway. I'm not really a Tico Time type of guy though... just sayin.

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