Saturday, September 12, 2009

La Fortuna- Los Laureles Hot Springs

La Fortuna Costa Rica is known for the Arenal Volcano as well has its Hot Springs.

La Fortuna has a lot to offer (Fortuna Video) the Costa Rican traveler. Not only famous for the ever-erupting Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna is home to a variety of hot springs. Baldi Hot Springs and Tabacon are probably the most known (Baldi vs. Tabacon) but their are others, and Los Laureles is one of them.

Los Laureles Hot Springs, La Fortuna Costa Rica.

There are hot springs and then there are HOT SPRINGS. Tabacon, Baldi and Eco Termales are THE HOT SPRINGS- Los Laureles are just hot springs. That said, I'm certain Los Laureles never intended to compete with with the BIG 3. Los Laureles was built for the local Tico, but if the gringo traveler happens upon them, then all the better. Affordable hot springs for locals who mostly can't afford the more pricey, touristy hot springs in the area, but also for the gringo traveler on a budget. Hard to BEAT $7.50, when other BIGGER hot springs (but better), START at 3X the price.

Los Laureles is nice enough, practical, very BLUE TILE if you know what I mean, but again, for what they were built for- a very NICE option, especially for groups, since you can BBQ, bring in alcohol (try doing that at Tabacon).

Here's our VIDEO REVIEW of Los Laureles Hot Springs:

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