Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stress-free, Costa Rican Mosquito Repellent huh?

Fortuna, Costa Rica, stress free living.

Living in Costa Rica has provided me a stress-FREE life. How can I be certain I live stress-free in Costa Rica you ask?

Because EVERYDAY I get bit by mosquitoes. yeah, I said it, mosquitoes, EVERYDAY.

I knew mosquitoes loved me MORE than most, but now I know why.. and it all makes SENSE. I first talked about the infatuation bugs and mosquitoes have for me- HERE.

The latest mosquito research just came out and I won’t go into the specifics here, but scientists who study the reasons mosquitoes like to feast on some people while ignoring others, think they may have found the ANSWER. In a nutshell- Humans emit chemicals; people who live stressFUL lives emit certain chemicals which act as a natural repellent so to speak.... so apparently mosquitoes don’t like stress in their short little lives either. And for those of us who live stress-free LIVES, well, let’s just say the chemicals WE emit are the ‘steak and potatoes’ of the mosquito world. AND, what better way to be reminded you live a stress-free life than by living in the tropics of Costa Rica where the mosquito population pretty much outnumbers EVERYTHING…. for me, no need to go to the doctor for a stress test, as of this morning- 4 bites to the ankles while doing yoga and if there’s added points for the ITCH factor… I should live to be 100.

I know I feel BETTER…. knowing the bumps and the endless hours of itching aren’t all for nothing. No pain, no gain... ummm. And I’ve said it before, but if you’re with me in a ROOM, I am your DEET, your BEST defense, a natural, walking mosquito repellent, just make sure to stay within 5 ft of me at all times for FULL effect.

As I was reading the mosquito article, I was fairly satisfied,, agreeing and nodding my head in approval- I felt somewhat validated or something for making the decision to downsize and lead the simple LIFE in Costa Rica... yeah I know, I was reading WAY to much into it.

Then it occurred to me-

When I was 24, I drank like 2 cases of beer, burned a hole the size of a quarter in the palm of my hand with a cigarette because I had just ‘made-out’ with my friends wife, rolled my jeep driving home and as I paced the jail cell with 'Chester the Molester' lurking by, I realized I had just been bitten like 7 times on my legs and ankles by some pesky mosquitoes…

Fuck! There goes that theory.

Fortuna, Costa Rica- STRESS FREE with or without mosquito bites... haha.

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