Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Cross pulls OUT of Search

It's not looking GOOD for the David Gimelfarb family.

Quick re-cap if you don't know the FYI on the David Gimelfarb situation.

On Aug. 11, 28-year-old David Gimelfarb set out for a solo trek through the dense Rincon de Vieja National Park, a popular Costa Rican destination, and hasn't been seen since. His SUV was found by park rangers.

Now, the helicopters fitted with infrared have gone home, the people who FIND people, ResQglobal, packed it up about 5 days ago (not a good sign when they leave) and NOW, even the Red Cross has ended its rescue efforts, "at least temporarily." Not sure what "at least temporarily" means? Are they on a bathroom break... will they return after a couple weeks of rest and relaxation... WTF is, "at least temporarily?" David's family has hired approximately 40 locals to continue the search... for Rincon de la Vieja, they could use a 1000x that number. I wonder if dogs were ever considered, it seems like they could have been a GREAT asset, especially in the dense jungle, ravines and places humans just can't go. But I'm sure there's a reason.

My HEART goes out to the David Gimelfarb family. I can't imagine... and really, I don't want too. Their minds must be working overtime- scenarios they don't EVEN want to consider, running through their brain cells like a bad horror flick. A parents WORST nightmare. And now they have to consider the possibilities- HOPE of finding David alive, or even finding him at all, as remote and vast as Rincon de la Vieja itself. Don't get me WRONG, I still think it's a bit premature, I'm just saying now their MINDS must be considering the possibilities, where before HOPE, FAITH and adrenalin kept BAD thoughts at bay.

I'll save the, 'Don't hike alone in Costa Rica' post for another time, but sometimes it pisses me off that many THINGS that happen here, theft/crime in Costa Rica etc, and possibly even this, could SO be avoided, or at least, consequences could be minimal. But I digress.

My brain cells are racing as well. I speculate he either: a) Fell a substantial distance into a place very difficult to search. b) Wherever human beings are, FOUL-PLAY is always a possibility. c) Same as 'a', but his body became consumed in the 'circle of life' so to speak after dieing or laying unconscious from 'whatever'. d) Staged the whole thing because LIFE became to hard and he wanted to start over somewhere else. Sorry, but my brain can't help what it thinks.

But then AGAIN...

But thoughts are thoughts. Fuck'em. As for me, I would continue the SEARCH if it were my son... and then search some more... and SEARCH after that... and when I felt I had done ALL I possibly could... and my head FINALLY wrapped itself around the probabilities... and HOPE turned into mere wishful thinking- I would STOP.

BUT now is not the FUCKIN time. The Gimelfarb's need YOU (us) now MORE than ever, so Rally the TROOPS, circle the wagons, double the efforts and don't EVER forget... this could be your son, your daughter, your loved one... so when you think it's time to 'face reality',.. please don't actually try to convince me you'd give up the SEARCH for your loved one after only 3 weeks.

If one person can make a difference, just think what 1000 could do.

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