Friday, January 8, 2010

the MOVE to Costa Rica- My Story

Somethings FISHY, Arenal Bungalows in La Fortuna Costa Rica WAS the Palo Verde Resort just a short time ago. WTF? Why can I smell ROTTEN from here? Because I'm a 10% owner of Palo Verde Resort and I don't know ANYTHING about Arenal Bungalows. Can you say, "Out of the LOOP?"

*Changed the name to Arenal Bungalows, but judging by the pics (above) on BOTH websites, STILL looks like Palo Verde to me.

*If you happened to find this post by GOOGLEing any of the following names or places, this post (video) may be of some interest to you: Robert 'Bobby' Blair, Eugene 'Gene' Conti, Arenal Bungalows, Palo Verde Resort, Craig 'Nico' Pisani and Larry Bernstein.

Hey EVERYONE! I get a lot of emails asking how me and D'Angelo ever found our WAY to La Fortuna Costa Rica. So I'm going to tell you.

Ours is a STORY of deception, shady land dealings, sketchy business practices and a CAST of characters who should have their own REALITY SHOW. But the 'sketchiness' of it ALL is not really the point, the point is we want to share our experiences so YOU can learn from our MISTAKES, so many mistakes in fact, a 'Comedy of Errors' would be a vast understatement if our MOVE to Costa Rica were made into a broadway show... funny-stupid, BUT unfortunately for us, TRUE. *We've learned a LOT in the last 6 years, which is partly the reason we started our websites and blogs, to pass along our experiences, living, traveling and doing business in Costa Rica, to YOU.

So, here's Part 1 of how D'Angelo and myself came in contact with Gene Conti, 'the peddler of Paradise', and decided to pack it ALL up and make the move to La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Part 2 is coming SOON! Don't miss it, it gets BETTER.

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