Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eco Termales Hot Springs La Fortuna

Eco Termales is ONE of La Fortuna's BETTER Hot Springs. Located a couple miles or so outside La Fortuna heading towards the Arenal Volcano, its entrance is located directly across the street from it's much more rowdier, touristy, BIGGER but CHEAPER brother- Baldi Hot Springs. The entrance is NOT marked.

Eco Termales plays the 'we don't advertise, but if you're LUCKY enough to find us and make a reservation, we might just let you in, CARD. They play like they're the more exclusive, intimate and tranquil hot springs in the area.... and guess what- it's TRUE, they are.

Baldi Hot Springs is BIG, LOUD, touristy and CHEAP- and all the local tourist shops PUSH Baldi because Baldi pays commission... DUH! But just so we're clear, I like Baldi, it's a great hot springs if you're in the mood to be social, do a little partying, or perhaps you have the kids in tow, or you just want the BIGGEST BANG for your BUCK. And then there's the world renouned, Tabacon Hot Springs, and it's the SHIT no doubt- BEAUTIFUL, the 'Garden of Eden' has got nothing on Tabacon (except maybe for the pesky snake). Tabacon did everything right- lush, mature vegetation, natural- they're the BEST and they know it, but they're EXPENSIVE. A more in-depth comparison of Baldi vs Tabacon. And let's not forget Los Laureles Hot Springs, way CHEAP, more of a TICO hot springs but they're great if you want to have a picnic or bar-b-que, Los Laureles is a family-reunion type of gathering place.

Technically, Eco Termales is a 'baby Tabacon'. They probably don't want to hear that, but it's TRUE, Eco Termales has the same lushness and natural feel to it, but just not as BIG. I didn't say, 'wannabe Tabacon', but definitely a Tabacon JR. Here's how it goes:

If you don't want your hotel or tour company making the reservation for you, Eco Termales INFO: e-mail or (506) 2479-8787 cell - (506) 8382-2727. Eco Termales Hot Springs has 3 sessions per day: 9:00am-1:00pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm and 5:00pm-9:00pm. Each session costs $29.00 per person. They say they never let more than 100 people in per session. You must have reservations. *Kinda funny: My friend went there without a reservation. They did let him through the gate and when he went to the front desk they asked if he had a reservation. He told them 'no' but they let him in anyway. There was only a few people in the place....ummmm

The bar is run on the 'honor system' so you pay at the end, which I think is pretty convenient. You can eat at Eco Termales, nice restaurant setting. You can order either a steak, chicken or fish and they supply the veggies, juice/coffee, beans and rice etc. Personally, I thought $17. was way over-priced. It WAS good and I have to admit it was nice to relax and eat after soaking up the hot water, but next time I'd opt for a couple cocktails and probably eat somewhere else.... just sayin.

Here's our REVIEW of Eco Termales Hot Springs in La Fortuna Costa Rica:

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