Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baldi Hot Springs NEW REVIEW '10

Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna could be the hot springs option that provides the BIGGEST BANG for your BUCK.

We've been wanting to re-REVIEW Baldi Hot Springs for quite sometime now. Our fist video of Baldi Hot Springs was done when we were just starting out and weren't really sure of what we were doing.

First, it's important to note that the entire town of La Fortuna pushes Baldi tickets on the tourists, for the simple fact Baldi pays commissions and Tabacon and EcoTermales don't. So all the tour shops, hotels, restaurants, as well as every Tom, Dick AND HARRY we'll usually suggest Baldi over the other hot springs, not saying that's bad.... just sayin. Baldi tickets can run anywhere from about $16.00 to whatever you're willing to pay, so it's BEST to shop around a bit if you're traveling on a budget or want to save a couple bucks. DO NOT BUY BALDI TICKETS AT BALDI- you will currently pay $28.00 at the entrance if you don't get them somewhere else. We paid $22.00 for use of the hot springs and dinner per person. Dinner is buffet style... we thought this was an EXCELLENT DEAL.

Tabacon Hot Springs is expensive, like $70.mas o menos but the 'Garden of Eden' has nothing on Tabacon and Eco Termales (across the street from Baldi) is more private, tranquilo and GREAT for a more 'chill' hot spring option (here's our write-up and VIDEO REVIEW of Eco Termales) and then there's Baldi,,,,BIG (25 pools of various sizes) and about as close to a hot spring 'theme park' as you're going to get,,,, water slides, loud music, kids, numerous swim up bars..... and LOTS of tourists- at Baldi, it's all about Q*U*A*N*T*I*T*Y.

I gotta say, Baldi is looking much nicer than it did in the past, the vegetation has matured adding some much need LUSHNESS to the area and even in the bigger pools gives the illusion of happening upon thermal waters in the middle of the jungle. It doesn't quite look as natural as Tabacon, but a BIG IMPROVEMENT. My comparison: Tabacon Hot Springs vs Baldi Hot Springs- the TRUTH.

Drinks are ridiculously expensive at Baldi Hot Springs even for a touristy destination- you almost think you're drinking at a swim up bar at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. We took cans of beer in, we're NOT telling YOU to do that and I know Baldi would frown on that as well, but we did with no trouble, although we didn't advertise the fact either. Towels require a $10. deposit which you get back when you return the towel and lockers for your valuables cost $5.00 which you don't get back.

Depending on your MOOD and your BUDGET- Baldi Hot Springs definitely fills a certain hot springs niche...

Our NEW VIDEO Review of Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna Costa Rica

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AJ said...

Hey guys! Are there still safety issues with the slide at Baldi? My partner and I were in town about a year ago and it was closed when we were there.

Unknown said...

Don't think so, they were all OPEN when we were there,,,,not that that means anything. We watched a few people catch some serious AIR........ for me, I'm better off sitting off to the side drinking a beer and watching YOU go down it...hehe

AJ said...

Ha! I would probably be sitting there having a beer too. I'm all for a little fun, just not the kind that is potentially injurious.

Unknown said...

"dos Imperials por favor"

Unknown said...

Hey EVERYONE! It's December 10th 2010. Our friend BROKE is clavicle bone last night going down one of the slides. I edited this post to reflect the dangerousness of the slides. We'll also put an annotation in the video. thanx and BE CAREFUL.

James said...

I was there in Dec '12 and those slides are a legit safety hazard. We did the fast (left) one - I got flipped on my face for 1/2 the ride but no real threat of injury. The middle one- around the last turn, you're going so fast and it does a sharp dogleg drop. My brain barely processed the fact that I was like 8 feet above the slide and about to slam down on the slide bottom before I hit. Landed on my shoulder (which I've dislocated 9 TIMES) and by some miracle of God it didn't pop out. Hurt like a mother tho. Never again.