Saturday, April 17, 2010

Robbed and BEAT UP on the Bus

Back from San Jose, Costa Rica after a week of ADVENTURES and video-taping. It appears because of what happened yesterday on our way home, I can't talk about the BUSES in Costa Rica enough. Here's the story, it's worth a read if you're planning a trip to Costa Rica and traveling around by bus.

We went to 'La Parada de San Carlos' (the bus stop in San Jose to get to La Fortuna by way of San Carlos aka Ciudad Quesada). You would need another bus stop if you want to get to La Fortuna via San Ramon- La Parada de San Ramon.

Everything was fine, we got to San Carlos and stopped long enough for a quick bathroom, snack break and we were on our way. A few minutes outside of San Carlos the bus breaks down. Within 30 minutes we were on another bus (not bad considering it's Costa Rica), but since we had to scramble for seats, D'Angelo and myself were situated in the back of the bus, our friend Ed, who went with us to San Jose, was more in the middle of the bus. If we wouldn't have broken down, we would have all been sitting close to each other and things probably would have unfolded much different.

The closer we got to La Fortuna, the more the bus filled up, so people were standing in the aisles. Commotion ensued by our friend Ed. I heard him yell, "I saw you take it!" Apparently a man pickpocketed a wallet from an Israeli man's baggy, cargo-style shorts. The Israeli man's girlfriend was yelling, Ed was in the 'face' of the original perpetrator and another man, was headed to the back door of the bus, followed closely by the Israel man. I heard him say, "You can have the wallet, just give me my credit cards."

Like I mentioned, if we were all sitting together, I DEFINITELY would have been more involved, but this was happening fast and quite frankly, D'Angelo and myself really didn't know 'who' did 'what' to 'who'.

Israeli man followed the guy off the bus. *I should mention, this 2nd perpetrator was BIG for a Tico, wide shoulders, big arms, tattoos, I'm sure you get the picture and Israel man was pretty much the opposite, skinny, tall and probably hadn't been in a fight in his entire life. Israel man and perpetrator 2 were off the bus in front of the back door when I heard Israeli man say something like, "What the fuck man..." and that's when I saw the punch- one HARD punch to be exact and Israeli man went down, he wasn't knocked out, but definitely 'dazed and confused' for about 5 minutes.

So, perpetrator 2 got away and if perpetrator 2 was the 'thug' of the group, this other dude was a complete PUSSY- kinda big, but was pleading and whining and crying telling anyone who would listen he didn't do it- like the little BITCH that he was......... Ed didn't AGREE and neither did the others on the bus who wouldn't let him leave....... and either did the police who arrested him.

*Israeli man was fine after about 15 minutes accept for the nice size cut on his head.

GUYS- it's all about distraction here, KEEP on EYE on your STUFF, in the overhead luggage compartment and what's in your pocket..................... it only takes a SECOND.

Better yet, money belts, money in your socks or fanny packs (way gay but very effective) are much better options than the pocket of a baggy pair of cargo shorts. And the only reason it unfolded like it did, is because Ed saw the guy do it, Israeli man didn't have a CLUE.

Don't be CLUELESS- because when shit like this happens to you and you BLAME Costa Rica- it pisses us OFF (I'm not sayin Israeli man would do this......I'm just sayin.) Be VIGILANT and AWARE at all times and you will cut down your risk factor to almost ZERO.

But really, fanny packs are GAY.

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ujuetas said...

WOW... your friend Ed was very brave for standing up against thoses bastards, not too many people in this world are like your friend any more. It's true, the guy made a mistake by not being more careful with his stuff. At least there were other people to help him the wedsite and all the info keep the great job guys..:)

michael alan said...

Thanx, appreciate it. Yeah, that's Ed, he's new to La Fortuna, but has become a fast friend and is an all around good guy. I just wish I could have also helped out..... next time I guess. Thanx for the comment, always appreciated.

David said...

Ed rocks!

michael alan said...

Yup. We could use a few more Ed's out there.

Stacey said...

Yeah travelers really should beware and that bus happens to be the most notorious for thieves due to Arenal being such a highly visited tourist destination. Another ploy to watch for is someone acts like they drop something, you bend over to help, second thief takes your stuff. P.S. so much for Israeli military training...:)

michael alan said...

Stacy, so RIGHT. I know it happens so FAST, pretty much anyone could be a only takes a second of not paying attention. Hopefully, this post and these comments will HELP make people AWARE. Thanx for the tip. said...

I spent some time working for federal law enforcement (not as a cop) and I noticed most of the agents carried their guns in fanny packs while they were off duty. I wouldn't want to call one of those guys gay. :)