Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Casa Alfi Hotel in San Jose

Casa Alfi Hotel is located in the HEART of San Jose Costa Rica, which in this case is a GOOD thing.

Specifically, Casa Alfi is a boutique hotel (some say B & B) in the center of San Jose, Costa Rica conveniently located 200 meters south, on the new pedestrian boulevard from the National Theatre, Grand Hotel and Plaza de la Cultura- talk about location, location, location.

Casa Alfi just isn't the sort of place you expect to find in the middle of San Jose- this is also a GOOD thing.

D'Angelo and myself got a chance to stay at Casa Alfi for a couple nights to check the place out. And I gotta say we were happy we did. At first, with the low rates, one wouldn't expect too much, maybe a step-up or two from an overpriced hostel, but that is not the case with Casa Alfi. Casa Alfi has its own eclectic charm as the place has somewhat of a Hemingway feel about it, with its various antiques, artwork and wood fixtures about. Even the birdcage is no ordinary birdcage. Alfi, the owner (duh!), is an artist, poet and a great chef, hell, he may be Hemingway reincarnated, who's to say. But Alfi has done quite a bit of traveling himself (again, a Hemingway reference) so he makes for some great conversation over a cocktail or two.

We would say Casa Alfi Hotel is best suited for business men, backpackers who need a nice place for a few days after traveling in the 'hostel' world, those traveling on a budget, couple's, or people who want to be centrally located around shopping, restaurants, museums and other points of interest in San Jose or ANYONE who want's a nice place to stay without paying through the nose to stay there.

Anyway, here's our VIDEO REVIEW of Casa Alfi Hotel:

If you happen to stay at Casa Alfi Hotel after seeing our REVIEW, it would be WAY COOL if you mentioned us.

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Anonymous said...
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expatcostarica said...

I agree its one of the best values in San Jose. It's also a very popular option for expats when they kicked out of the house by their wife.

Unknown said...

haha....sounds like you know something by experience.....lol