Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving OUT of your COMFORT Zone

Chances are, if you're over 40 years old you already understand that LIFE is indeed SHORT. Us older folks also realize that LIFE, ANYONE'S life, is quite precarious and can be severely altered in the blink of an eYe. Nothing teaches us this more than an untimely DEATH of a loved one or friend . Precious and Fragile is the Circle of Life.

So, the question is, if we know this, then why don't we LIVE the LIFE we actually want to live?

Have we become so comfortable and complacent with our predictable little lives that we're afraid to venture outside the box? Personally, I think this is EXACTLY what it is. But ANYWAY,

Since moving to Costa Rica 5 years ago I've learned more about myself than I've learned in the last 25 years. Do you realize how much living outside our 'comfort zone' teaches us about ourselves... and NO, it's not always pretty, and as a matter of fact, it's sometimes a little too much in-your-face TRUTH.

My point of this post is not to tell you what I've learned but I can tell you living outside 'the box' has been the most uncomfortable yet exhilarating thing I've ever done. 'Uncomfortable' has never felt so good.

The point of this post is to encourage YOU, to crawl out of your comfort zone and follow the PASSION you had when you were 21 and the possibilities were endLESS or perhaps those times when you were having a few beers with friends and talking about 'simplifying your life.'

DO IT DAMN IT! What are you waiting for? Write your novel. Paint your picture. Explore other parts of the world. Volunteer. Live off the land (or not). Immerse yourself in a different culture. Whatever your passion IS, follow it and don't let anything get in the way.

Tell the kids you're going on an adventure. It's time you LIVE for yourself. Actually, you'll TEACH your kids more by living YOUR life rather than living through THEIRS. Let them THINK and WORRY about YOU for awhile... wouldn't that be a nice CHANGE? Hell, start a blog.

Need HELP with the first step? SELL YOUR SHIT- you don't need it, and really, it is SHIT. Once you realize 'THINGS' don't define YOU, it's EASY. Start with the small stuff and work your way UP to the leather couches and mahogany dresser drawers. Funny, my wife and I separated and had the opposite discussion, we tried to give each other 'the stuff' and neither one of us wanted it. We literally SOLD or gave AWAY just about everything we had.

The Clock is ticking... and much faster than you think.

From one of my favorite movies:

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

Which ONE are you doin?

Another FAVORITE movie- a little motivational music message to get you OFF your ASS.

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expatcostarica said...

Never want to be the richest man in the graveyard.

Unknown said...

haha, good point. Of course when I die, they can feel free to buy a BIG ol' HEFTY bag and leave it at that.