Friday, August 6, 2010

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Doin' Costa Rica DOES San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur is located approximately a 45 minute taxi ride from the Penas Blancas Border Crossing with Costa Rica. *We paid $20. at the border for a taxi. NOT $20/person, $20- TOTAL, just so you know.

Hey EVERYONE! As you may or many not know, D'Angelo and myself venture into Nicaragua quite frequently but usually we go to our favorite city in Nicaragua- Granada. We haven't been back to San Juan del Sur for about 4 years, so we thought we go back and check it out and of course, do a video. (Scroll down for the video).

Like Costa Rica, Nicaragua is also a friendly country.

San Juan del Sur is a beach/surf town and one of the top 3 travel destinations in Nicaragua. Actually, the beach at San Juan del Sur is NOT all that and definitely of know relevance to serious surfers but most people seem to use San Juan as a sort of 'base camp', since the better surfing and more beautiful beaches are located to the north and south of San Juan del Sur.

I suppose if you're a BEGINNER, San Juan del Sur just might work.

Their are TONS of hostels, hotels, B&B's etc etc in San Juan del Sur and since the town is small, you can easily walk around and find something in your price range and do a little comparison shopping. *TIP- Check out the room and make sure everything works before putting your money down.

I love, Love, LOVE to read, and believe me, it can often be difficult to find decent books when traveling around, so running across the 'El Gato Negro' was a serious SCORE for me. We show the inside of 'El Gato Negro' in our video.

I knew I loved 'El Gato Negro' when I found the book THERE that started it all for me way back when, 'The Fountainhead'.

Beaches worth CHECKING OUT to the North & South of San Juan del Sur:

To the SOUTH of San Juan del Sur: Playa El Coco- a really nice beach, great for swimmng and fishing. La Flor- One of the two Pacific turtle nesting beaches in Nicaragua. Ostional- Picturesque fishing town.

To the NORTH of San Juan del Sur: Playa Marsella- Good beach for snorkeling. Playa Madera- One of the most consistent and easy-to-access surf breaks. Bahia Majagual- A seriously BEAUTIFUL beach.

San Juan del Sur may not be the BEST beach, but they do have beautiful sunsets.

Just an FYI: I've gotten sick in San Juan del Sur the BOTH times I've been there. Read that as, diarrhea/vomiting ALL night, kinda sick. I've been in Costa Rica almost 5 years and NEVER... I'm not saying that everyone gets sick who visits San Juan del Sur, I'm just sayin.

Here's our VIDEO of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua:

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Jim and Carol said...

Been there once, it was filthy. Granada, on the other hand, is a remarkable place, much cleaner, more vibrant and loaded with history. Safer too, fewer drunks.

Unknown said...

Not sure about filthy....that might be a stretch...although really, not a BIG fan of San Juan del Sur. but LOVE Granada, but come on, history, yes. Vibrant, yes. But have you walked down the beach at Lake Nicaragua....or been by the market, or seen the trash lining the streets before they sweep and pick it up...pretty filthy. Still love it though.

Jim and Carol said...

What!?!? They sweep and pick it up?!?! That is a vast improvement over anywhere I've been in Costa Rica in the two years we've been here. Mind you, I am not complaining, because I choose to live here as a guest in their country. But fac's is fac's. We are, however, relocating to Granada in the very near future.