Monday, August 23, 2010

Crime in Costa Rica one woman's VIEW

For many, ONE trip to Costa Rica just isn't enough.

Believe me, it's NOT just hype- Costa Rica really is ALL that... and MORE. It's why D'Angelo and I live here and why many people return to Costa Rica time and time again. Like Elaine.

We met Elaine through TWITTER. She's been coming to Costa Rica for the last 10 years or so and loves the country as much as D'Angelo and I do. She's traveled all around Costa Rica by herself... pretty impressive if you ask me. Now, she brings people down to Costa Rica but I'll get back to that in a minute. I had a chance to sit down and talk to Elaine about her experiences in Costa Rica and what she felt about the whole, "Crime is running rampant in Costa Rica..." bullshit. Here's what she had to say:

*Again, we're not saying crime isn't somewhat of a problem, we're just saying about 98% can be AVOIDED with common sense.

Like I mentioned above, Elaine has taken her passion for Costa Rica and turned it into a little side business by bringing people here and showing them around, kinda like a personal travel companion/guide. After spending quite a bit of time with Elaine it was evident that she's not in it for the money, she just wants to spread the LOVE for Costa Rica to others... I like that. Reminds me of me.

Elaine gave me permission to pass along her website, so if you have any questions about traveling in Costa Rica, by all means: Costa Rica in Nature

Just in case you missed it, what I had to say about crime in Costa Rica:

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Caroll said...

Hello! I'm Costa Rican, and I recently found out about your blog through twitter. I'm really glad and proud of the way you guys talk about our country (cause you love CR like it was your own, so I say our country) Just like most people, you don't know your own country as well as a tourist or a happy traveler might, most of us just go by, work, maybe go to the beach or the volcanoes, but nothing like the great experiences you've had.

Thank you very much for showing what's good about Costa Rica, I work for an American company and I tell my customers that even as I'd love to travel around the world NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING compares to this land. The air is different, mountains everywhere you can see, you can be at a beautiful beach and then 3 hours later doing canopy, rafting, or just meditating in a beautiful forest.
I've traveled to a few countries, but my heart is never happier than the moment we land back safely in Alajuela. (Lots of locals clap and cheer when they land in Costa Rica, it always makes me smile)

Sorry for the long talk. Thank you again, and have a very nice day! :D

Unknown said...

Hey Caroll, thanx for the nice comments, always appreciated. Yes, it's TRUE, we LOVE living in Costa Rica and I don't like it when people spread misinformation about it. thanx again.

Anonymous said...

"NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING compares to this land" What a load of CRAP! Obviously this Tico(a) has not been in a truly tropical paradise, try Thailand or Ecuador, even Colombia can beat Costa Rica in many ways. The arrogance of some of its people thinking that they are better than everybody else is what is taking the country DOWN! High crime, overly expensive cost of living, Real Estate Crooks Paradise!, very corrupt in all levels, justice system totally inadequate and unfair to victims, very friendly to criminals, poor education in all levels, very ignorant people, especially those who attended higher education to Costa Rica standards, very very polluted, go to Tamarindo and the smell alone can prove it. A degenerated nation on its way to social collapse. The only people the makes the nation worth something are the older generation, the old farmers and fishermen who still do this for a living, not the current generation of parasites good for nothing know it all Costa Rica experts. Costa Rica is the laughing matter of all other Latin American nations.