Monday, October 18, 2010

AM Costa Rica continues the BULLSHIT

AM Costa Rica just continues to push the BULLSHIT.

I decided to take a peek this morning at AM Costa Rica, 'Your daily English-language News source Monday through Friday', with the hunch their would be more editorials on the Barny Frank, Chris Dodd fuck-up. Appears I was right.

Don't know the story? AM Costa Rica published a news article and instead of sticking to the facts, they decided to interject their own opinion by writing a little sarcastic quip deriding the character of Mr. Frank and Mr. Dodd. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the dos and don'ts of reporting, knows this is a Journalism 101 don't, as this article was not an editorial or commentary, just news. "Just the facts ma'am."

So, this morning, AM f'in Costa Rica decides to print 2 more editorials by random dumbasses (and ones a supposed lawyer)to rationalize their position on Barney Frank.

The headline of the first editorial:

'Barney Frank campaigner says he's economics illiterate'
So, the writer of this editorial is some lady named, Barbara C. Johnson. She worked with Frank over 30 years ago........that's right 30 years... and based on that experience working with Frank, over 30 years ago, she says he's economics illiterate. Here's a little more of her experience:
"Barney gave his attention to those already politically well-connected and catered to them. He was, even then, pompous and evaded any serious questions about serious matters."
Whatever, he might be everything this Barbara says... although the statement is a vast over-generalization...just sayin'. Don't know and actually, don't care. But I know this- it has nothing to do with AM Costa Rica interjecting their sarcastic quip in a news story.

Here's the other editorial today, this one from Edward Baecher. Starts this way:
"If some do not like your commentaries, rather than the never ending belly aching, they should not read it anymore. I have faith that the staff at A.M. Costa Rica are aware of freedom of the press."
Then Mr. Baecher goes on to rip Barney a new one. Whatever, it's an editorial, his opinion, so again, whatever.

And that's the point Barbara and Edward, AM Costa Rica was presenting NEWS, they were not writing an editorial or commentary and the fact they printed your dumbass rationalizations just makes them appear more bias, because there's NO possible way they didn't get more shit from the likes of people like me.

AM Costa Rica, you're pathetic.

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Ginnee said...

AM Costa Rica is a rag. I recently again, pointed out to the editor that his story was not true. He comes back with, "yes but". No "Yes but", it was not true, plain and simple. He is not willing to go with the facts nor the truth.

No Cal Refugee said...

If it weren't for bullshit, it seems like they wouldn't have anything to print. A front page story on the weather (nothing catastrophic but a nice space filler) then page 2 is filled with self-serving letters to the editor supporting their bad journalism) then the obligatory denunciation of Hugo Chavez. Sadly, it's like Fox 'news,' it's crap but it won't go away. It would be nice to see something decent but in the land of mediocrity, the mediocre (or worse) can survive.

Unknown said...

Thanx guys for the comments. AM Costa Rica is really only popular because they got a good jump on everyone... but boy, is it a sad excuse for 'news'.

Cy Bolinger said...

AM Costa Rica is getting lots of notoriety for their news-less example of an I-newspaper. Read "Tico Times" for real CR news. I think Jay needs to head for retirement.
Cy Bolinger, published (and retired) journalist.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I like the Tico Times as well, unfortunately just heard they're not doing to well- I hope they can rebound. Jay retire, that would be to good to be true.