Thursday, October 28, 2010

INTERBUS leaves us Hanging- Bitches

INTERBUS can drive Costa Rica but their problem solving skills SUCK!

Interbus is a private shuttle service in Costa Rica and they pretty much fucked us OVER. bitches.

Interbus has rules and regulations and I understand that. I also don't believe D'Angelo and myself deserve any special treatment because of what we do, although, often times people do seem to go out of their way to make sure things go well for us. We can't do anything about that and to be honest, sometimes it's nice to have a perk or two thrown our way.

We booked Interbus to take us from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo and back again. We've used them many times in the past and accept for breaking down once, they've always been reliable.

We did not know they had a 'no pets' policy. Technically, Pincho is a dog but if ferrets had big pointy ears, he could pass. But, he is a dog and I get it. If we were attempting to be sneaky or purposely break the rules, I would totally understand why Interbus did what they did but alas, that wasn't the case.

D'Angelo and I were the only ones on the Interbus van for the first 3 1/2 hours of our trip. We did not hide the fact we had a dog, but he was in a small type of duffel bag/dog carrier thingy and I can understand how the driver may have missed him. He also didn't hear him for 3 1/2 hours BUT he did see him when we stopped for a 45 minute break and waited for our connection van which would take us the rest of the way. During the break, Pincho was on a leash, sniffing and peeing on bushes while the driver was talking to D'Angelo about random nothings. The driver didn't even MENTION the Interbus pet policy.... pussy.

We switched vans and drivers and this second Interbus van was full, about 9 people I think. Not one realized we had a dog with us, nor did the driver.

We learned about the 'pet policy' after we checked in at our hotel. Apparently the first driver phoned the 'powers that be' and informed them of the infraction. I'm thinking he called at about the same time Pincho was peeing on the wheel of the Interbus van. To bad Pincho wasn't a big ass elephant... chihuahua pee just doesn't have the same effect.

Rules are rules and I'm not looking to be the exception but I am expecting a little discretion, judgment, options, compromise or responsibility... SOMETHING.

Our friends at Gecko Trail Adventures were trying to help us out since they booked it in the first place. Nothing worked. Rules are rules DAMN IT! Interbus took ZERO responsibility and offered NOTHING, not even to help us find alternative transportation. "Welcome to Puerto Viejo and fuck you very much...oh, good luck getting back home."

I only know this- Interbus is a private company, they had... and have flexibility and could have exercised a little discretion. They chose NEITHER.

So Interbus, your mom's visiting Russia and something similar happens to her and the transportation company leaves your dear old mother stranded. Do you find this lack of problem solving as an acceptable behavior from a company that deals with tourists and various issues on a daily basis.....? One WORD for you Interbus, well maybe THREE- "GRAY LINE motherfucker."

NEWS FLASH Interbus, you are NOT the only game in town.

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Interbus said...

Dear Michael allan
as you point out in your article:
• At time of reservation, you or the third party booking in your name did not point out you had a pet traveling with you and Interbus does not carry pets
• You did not even mention to the driver at the time of boarding the bus you have a pet, so you did hide that fact to Interbus
• We are sorry you did not know about our polici but you did not even ask about it, knowing you were carrying a pet. Nevertheless Interbus publishes its policies in all documentations and web site.
• Interbus did provide transportation to your destination even if you were traveling with a pet then informed your travel agency about the situation, so you were not left hanging as you say. You already had a travel agent to refere to.
We are happy you found a solution to your need even if with another transportation company, which I am sure was aware of you traveling with a pet and accepted it.
Best regards
Customer Service

Unknown said...

Big mistake Interbus. Didn't anyone ever teach you not to respond to a blogger. I have a response, check back first thing monday morning... bitches.

Erin Lloyd Mc C said...

Hi there,

I have an equally small dog and am trying to get from Puerto Viejo to San Jose... I had thought I could bring her on an Interbus with me but am seeing the pet policy spelled out online now! Were you able to find a company to take you and your dog back to San Jose? If so, which one?