Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Punta Uva - where beauty, SEX and chillin RULE!

Punta Uva, just south of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Back from Puerto Viejo Costa Rica for the second time in less than a month. Fortunately for us, last time we didn't get everything done we had promised, mainly making videos for a few folks, so we went back and took care of business (we have such a tough life). As usual- we had a GREAT TIME and soon we'll be posting the videos to prove it.

For those who may not know, Puerto Viejo is on the
Caribbean side of Costa Rica fairly close to the Panamanian border. This little 3 corner Caribbean town has a 'flavor' all it's own not found on the Pacific side of the country- very Jamaican in Puerto Viejo.

On our last visit we went to perhaps one of the more beautiful beaches found in the Puerto Viejo area, Punta Uva. I love, Love, LOVE this little cove. The way the 'greens' of the jungle contrast with the water and the beach... VERY NICE! I think we went through 3 batteries and 2 memory cards snapping pics.

So of course we made a little video just to show off some of the area's natural beauty, which is embedded below, but first a couple 'wildlife' shots:

WARNING- this first pic is for ADULTS ONLY due to its graphic nature.

We felt a little guilty intruding but watching crabs do the 'nasty' was actually quite entertaining.

This sloth was chillin' up in a tree by the Punta Uva Dive Shop.

And just for the record, no animal on the planet can chill as good as a sloth can.

And here's our VIDEO of Punta Uva:

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Bronson said...

Wow, Punt Uva sounds like a fantastic place to spend a weekend. Thanks for tips, info and photos.

Costa Rican adventures like this are just begging to get blogged. No stock photos required.

Mucho gusto, pura vida!

Unknown said...

thanx for the nice words, always appreciated. Yeah, it's true, we've amassed quite a bit of INFO over the last couple years... and we're not stopping..ehhe. thanx for the comment.