Saturday, December 11, 2010

a WARNING about Baldi Hot Springs

The slides at Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica are NOTORIOUS for causing injuries. Seriously, NO JOKE, the slides at Baldi Hot Springs can F**K you UP.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going to Baldi Hot Springs, but I don't go down the slides- I learned that lesson years ago. Of course even if you would have warned me of the danger back 5 years ago, I would have still gone down them. Yup, I'm the guy who just has to touch the stove... I mean you practically dared me, right?

Like I said, we knew the slides had been dangerous awhile back, but when we revised our Baldi Video we had been led to believe they had fixed the problem. Plus, all the guys and girls in the VIDEO (below) had also told us they were WAY COOL- no problem, so we left the 'WARNING' out of the video. F in' kids, what do they know?

Last night, our friend, well, a new friend, broke his clavicle bone going down one of the slides, cutting his vacation 3 days short. He was slated to whitewater raft today before finishing up his trip in Puerto Viejo, obviously a broken clavicle isn't going to cut a rafting excursion. Talk about a vacation BUZZ KILL.

Today we're revising a few posts and videos on our sites about the potential dangers of the Baldi slides. We pretty much NOW know this is not an isolated occurrence, if he broke a bone, I can only imagine all the cuts, scraps and bruises...

So, consider yourself WARNED. Funny, I have this strong urge to go to Baldi tonight, drink a few beers and go headfirst down the slides... after all, maybe my new friend is just a pussy.

Here's our REVISED Baldi Hot Springs VIDEO:

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