Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why wouldn't they STEAL your STUFF in Costa Rica?

They steal YOUR stuff in Costa Rica but they don't steal MINE.

It's really quite simple, they steal your stuff in Costa Rica because they CAN- that's it.

The 'flat tire' scam perpetuated against unaware tourists visiting Costa Rica is the BEST example of my viewpoint regarding this overblown, media hyped issue.

Ironically, just knowing about the 'flat tire' scam makes it virtually impossible for the thugs to pull it off. HELLO! Don't pull over. (Watch the VIDEO below if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Well guess what? Almost nothing to do with theft of personal belongings has to happen during your visit to Costa Rica.

It's not my intention to tell you how to avoid theft while in Costa Rica, that INFO is EVERYWHERE on our sites and in our videos, so feel free to graze. But it is my intention to call 'Party Foul' on the whiners and complainers out there who have had their stuff taken and BITCH and MOAN about how crime is out of control in Costa Rica because they had a "bad experience." Some crime is unavoidable, wrong place, wrong time, I get it, but 97% of the time it is avoidable, if you did your homework prior to visiting here that is. If not, yeah, stuff can get stolen, but really, who's fault is that? How stupid are you to come to a foreign country and not do a little homework first. In this case, STUPID is because STUPID doesn't.

Now don't take this out of context. I'm not talking about the folks who get their stuff stolen and accept a percentage of responsibility for their irresponsibility. I'm talking about the 'fucks' who get their stuff stolen and place the blame solely on Costa Rica and then tell their sad story to everyone and anyone who will listen, which just might make them appear MORE stupid.

My hope is that more Costa Rica bloggers, expats and others who care about tourism here will get the WORD out that Costa Rica is still a SAFE place to travel as long as you pack a little common sense along with your hiking shoes. Also, confront the 'repeaters' who are bad-mouthing Costa Rica perpetuating and over-blowing the issue of crime on the forums, message boards and in blogs etc.

Oh,for the record and as they relate to crime- owning a home and LIVING in Costa Rica are different than visiting Costa Rica because the truth is, many people who own homes here have been broken into, especially around beach towns.

Here's my video about the 'flat tire' scam and a message to the people that fall for it:

Make your own video or EMBED this one somewhere, we need to FIGHT back.

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