Friday, January 21, 2011

Perpetual Tourist in Costa Rica- the TRUTH

Perpetual Tourists in
Costa Rica need a more efficient way to
cross the border into Nicaragua. The above is just a thought.

Living in Costa Rica as a 'perpetual tourist' is alive and well, at least for the moment anyway.

Not sure what a 'perpetual tourist' is? A 'perpetual tourist' is a person who lives in Costa Rica but does not have legal residence and must leave the country every 90 days in order to keep their visa (passport) current.

It's kind of an accepted loophole if you will and has been going on for many, MANY years. So long in fact, when Costa Rica does change the immigration laws, which they eventually will, there's going to be some SERIOUS backlash since more often than not, perpetual tourists own land, houses and run businesses in Costa Rica, which obviously generates revenue and jobs for Costa Rica.

It's the deadbeat perpetual tourist that give perpetual tourists in general a bad name.

The video below discusses a few issues but the most important thing to remember if you're living in Costa Rica as a 'perpetual tourist' is don't go over your 90 days and never, Never, NEVER hand over your passport because a friend has a friend who knows someone who works at the border and can stamp your passport (for a fee of course)while your lazy ass sits on the beach sipping Cacique.

It also talks about some fairly recent changes at the Penas Blancas border crossing with Nicaragua (and probably Panama as well) which directly effects the perpetual tourist and is 'must know' information.

I want to mention, I'm not suggesting you follow anything I say in the video, I'm merely trying to pass on INFO. As my friend, Bill Clanton, who is the Costa Rica Blogger, and someone I respect pointed out, if you do everything aBOVE board and don't look for the 'easy way', you have a much better chance of receiving residency in the future if you so desire. True indeed.

Anyway, it is what it is:

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