Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shark Finning ALIVE and WELL in Costa Rica

Shark finning and Costa Rica are synonymous.

Costa Rica and shark finning, shark finning and Costa Rica... whenever someone mentions shark finning, Costa Rica's name is not far behind... that is NOT a good thing in case you don't know.

Gringo price me, tico time me, pass me on a curve, lose my paperwork, shake me down for money.... but STOP the shark finning DAMN IT!

Shark finning is back in the NEWS. And guess what? It hasn't changed a bit. Laws to protect against shark finning get circumvented or ignored by the powers that be and believe me, it's definitely a calculated move by the Costa Rican government. Obviously it's about the money and keeping the Asians HAPPY. I mean, they built us a stadium, gave us police cars, bikes, soccer balls, surely they can continue to cut the fins off helpless sharks in order to continue their fucked up tradition of eating shark fin soup. Seems pretty quid pro quo. The irony, shark fin soup tastes like 'nothing'. So thousands of sharks die for 'nothing'.

Of all our videos, I wish this one had the most HITS. It's one of the first videos we ever did, I got a chance to talk to Randall Arauz, President of Pretoma, the folks that help the sharks and sea turtles. It explains the situation fairly succinctly. Please help get the WORD out, embed this video where ever you can. The sharks will thank you for it.

ALL the info in this video is still pertinent... unfortunately.

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