Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tico Times- GAY or just LAME?

"Tico Times- when 'Pura Vida' just isn't enough!"

We love Costa Rica's gringo newspaper, Tico Times. Of course they're on the internet as well, but sometimes it's nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and a REAL live newspaper. Too bad it only comes out once a week.

Bottom line- we think the Tico Times should do a story on us as ours would make for an interesting one- How we came to be in Costa Rica, how it all went bad, really, REALLY fast and what we did to stop the bleeding. And if they want to talk gay, we could, not mandatory, but doable and still interesting. I digress.

Unfortunately, I posted the above pic on my FB page a few days ago and Tico Times being one of my 'friends' did see it and did respond. What did they do? They gave it the 'thumbs up'. Whoo Hoo! Big F'in deal. That's it, a thumbs up. No, "thanx for taking the time" or "thanx for the shout out" or "Cool pic"... nothing, ZIP, how fuckin lame is that? A freakin newspaper at a loss for words.

In my mind, I was hoping the Tico Times was a little more free thinking and web savvy but like most things in my mind- it ends up being just wishful thinking.

So Tico Times, forget it. We'll hold out. Our day will come and it will be a lot more than a 'thumbs up' day.

But it's all good, I still need something to do every Friday when I'm enjoying a nice cup of the pure stuff from Costa Rica... and AM Costa Rica sure in hell doesn't do it for me. So, if our roads ever cross, I'll be sure to give you a 'Hi 5', which of course is equally as GAY as a thumbs up. And let's remember to jump in the air as we slap hands...... geeeeez

*I'm not really a bridge burner type of guy, I prefer to BLOW them the fuck UP, you know, just so we're CLEAR.

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