Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pura Vida is BULLSH*T

Trust me, Pura Vida is EVERYWHERE in Costa Rica.

'Pura Vida' is as much Costa Rica as Costa Rica is 'Pura Vida'. You can't really mention one without mentioning the other. Try to talk about 'love' without mentioning 'heart', it's kinda like that.

Costa Ricans are proud of their 'Pura Vida' heritage, as well they should be, after all, 'Pura Vida' literally means 'Pure Life', so it doesn't get any more apple pie than that. And they pride themselves on living as such- pure, simple, happy, calm, peaceful, etc. I'm sure you get the picture.

Live here in Costa Rica and you'll hear 'Pura Vida' uttered about a thousand times a day, everyday. 'Pura Vida' this and 'Pura Vida' that. 'Pura Vida' is mostly used for greeting/departing others and statements of 'understanding'. For example:
"Damn, did you hear about that dog getting run over,,,it was so sad?"

"Pura Vida."
Unfortunately, 'Pura Vida' has other connotations as well, not so 'positive and pleasant' connotations at that, at least in my mind. I'll let my video explain it-

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