Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a LOVE Connection in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, girls often become pregnant early and often.

*First off, judging by some of the emails I receive, I think we may have a little misunderstanding. Let me explain. When I talk to an expat living in Costa Rica, we are merely discussing their experiences. That's it. This isn't hard hitting '60 Minutes' type reporting with facts and figures (which can often be misleading), these are real-life people like you and me who have decided to make Costa Rica their home. Their perspective, their opinion based on THEIR experience and observation. If you don't agree with what's being said, fine, just comment, give some feedback or better yet, ask me to interview YOU. Don't email me what's being said is 'wrong'. Unless of course the person talking has their 'facts' wrong. But don't YELL at me, I'm sensitive....hehe.

In the below video we're discussing a few of the concerns one should consider when dating or having a relationship with a local Tico. This is Williams perspective.

*Although this discussion has nothing to do with 'prostitution', I have a feeling some will find this page in hopes that is exactly what we're discussing. So, for shits and giggles, I decided to also embed that video as well.

And the Prostitution video:

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