Saturday, May 7, 2011

BOREDOM in Paradise

Retiring to Costa Rica? Boredom in paradise can be very REAL.

Loneliness in a foreign country can definitely cause some serious depression and at the least, a BIG dose of, "What the fuck am I doing here?"

I've seen it too many times, folks coming here (usually older folks) thinking they're going to live in 'paradise' while writing the next great American novel, after all, it does sound very romantic when you say it. Like I mentioned, it's usually older, retired folks who arrive in Costa Rica ready to fill their days doing what they always said they wanted to do but finding out the reality of the dream is much harsher than the dream itself.

My friend Bill has found his passion after retirement and practices it everyday.

The folks that come here with a plan or are starting a business usually end up leaving Costa Rica for other reasons. Running a business in Costa Rica is a day in and day out distraction and leaves little time for thinking of much else. If these people pack it up and go home, it's usually because they underestimated the time and money it takes to create a successful business- it's rarely a 'boredom' thing.

Here's a little VIDEO I did about 'Boredom in Paradise',,,with a little help from one of my expat friends, Bill, who has successfully made the move to Costa Rica after retiring and found... and FOLLOWED his passion.

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