Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deconstructing La Fortuna Park limb by limb

La Fortuna Costa Rica has one of the BEST small town parks in in the country BUT...

...this is what they did 4 days ago:

For some reason the 'powers that be' in La Fortuna seem determined to deconstruct the park tree by tree. It started some months ago. Of course we did a video:

It's almost as if they'd rather it was a parking lot. To many, it may seem like, "Dude, what's your problem?, the park still looks GOOD." But damnit their were a lot of animals that lived in that little gazebo- hummingbirds, lizards, toads etc. and it's not as if they're replacing it, they just tore it DOwn. BITCHES! So yeah, I'm venting a little, sorry. Until next time.

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