Friday, January 13, 2012

KILLER Pico de Gallo with VIDEO

We LOVE Pico de Gallo and we LOVE videotaping these Costa Rica Cooking Classes...Whoo HOO!

'Pico de Gallo' is Spanish for "rooster's beak". From Wikipedia:
"According to food writer Sharon Tyler Herbst,it is so called because originally it was eaten with the thumb and forefinger, and retrieving and eating the condiment resembled the actions of a pecking rooster."
At the base of Pico de Gallo is tomatoes, white onions, jalapenos and lime juice and cilantro.

Whatever. I just know I like it. So simple, yet so TASTY and Scott adds an ingredient not usually found in Costa Rican pico de gallo.

Costa Rica LOVES its Pico de Gallo... and don't forget the yucca chips.

Check out Scott as he explains how to make a KILLER Pico de Gallo:

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