Sunday, January 22, 2012

Villa Hermosa Guest House in La Fortuna

The Villa Hermosa is a guest house/bed & breakfast just outside La Fortuna Costa Rica and D'Angelo and myself made a video, here's us eating lunch between video shoots.

Porch area at Villa Hermosa is a GREAT place to hang out and RELAX.

When someone says, "...a little slice of PARADISE." they just might be talking about Villa Hermosa. Here's what Villa Hermosa says about itself:
Villa Hermosa is a private guesthouse located in the beautiful countryside 7km off the road that runs from downtown La Fortuna to the Arenal Volcano National Park & Arenal Lake. The property is on a one acre lot with your own private pool, view of the volcano, tropical gardens and a place to call your own! We are basically a B&B (bed & breakfast) or Inn but instead of staying in our stay in your own!

The bedroom at Villa Hermosa couldn't be more comfortable.

Villa Hermosa is located about 20-25 minutes outside of La Fortuna and about 5 minutes away from arguably the BEST hotel in the entire area, 'The Springs Resort.'

You can't help being impressed with the lengths the owners, Wendy and Dave, went in regards to attention to detail. From the furnishings, to the WELCOME basket, to the landscaping, to the WAY comfortable bed, weird, I was half expecting Sir John Gielgud from 'Arthur' to hand me a towel stepping out of the shower.

Villa Hermosa is PERFECT for any combination of 2,3 or 4 people- couples, honeymooners, 3somes, families, 2 couples who like LIKE each other and of course since Villa Hermosa is inclusive- gay or straight is WELCOME.

The pool at Villa Hermosa. I love my LIFE in Costa Rica.

At Villa Hermosa, it's all about Chillaxin', which is not to say you can't enjoy ALL La Fortuna has to offer but you do want to make time to spend time enjoying the small slice of paradise that is Villa Hermosa.

I can spend hours, and did, watching the birds at Villa Hermosa.

Check out our video about The Villa Hermosa, I think it represents the place accurately. ENjoY!

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