Monday, February 6, 2012

Pure Trek Canyoning in La Fortuna a MUST DO!

Pure Trek Canyoning in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Pure Trek Canyoning in La Fortuna Costa Rica is bar none, ONE of the BEST adventure tours around. Our Video Review below.

There's plenty of adventures in La Fortuna Costa Rica that probably shouldn't be missed, from Zip lines to Costa Rica Cooking Classes and Canyoning aka canyoneering, is yet another 'must do'.

Me and D'Angelo racing to the bottom of the canyon...I've got a little catching up to do.

We've done the Pure Trek tour a few times and there's a couple reasons we really ENjoY it. One, the owner is a 'gringa' from the United States, her name is Cynthia Crummer. Being from the U.S., Cynthia understands what us Americans want and need- to feel SAFE while participating in Xtreme adventure tours and especially while in a foreign country. With Cynthia and Pure Trek, it's definitely SAFETY FIRST.... and SECOND for that matter. From the get go it's apparent the Pure Trek guides are professional, knowledgeable and extremely safety conscious when working with inexperienced or first time rappellers. And we should know, the first time we ever rappelled was about 7 years ago with Pure Trek.

Felt safe then - felt safe now.

Pure Trek is SAFE enough for ALL ages, so it makes for GREAT FAMILY FUN.

The fact Pure Trek is so safety conscious is probably one of the reasons they accept and encourage kids and families to participate in this tour. Most Xtreme tour companies are not comfortable working with kids under 14 and won't usually touch them with a 10-ft pole, not so for Pure Trek. Anyway....

...lets just cut to the VIDEO, it's good, I promise you won't be bored.

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