Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Gringo Businesses FAIL in Costa Rica

Many Gringos who start a business in Costa Rica FAIL within a year or two... and usually they have plenty of excuses.

It's not difficult to understand why many folks would like to live and operate a small business in Costa Rica- it's beautiful, laid back, relatively inexpensive and a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle, not to mention, stress of many First World Countries. So there is a natural allure for many of us seeking a change so to speak. That said, most of us need to make a little money in order to live and STAY in Paradise because it sure in hell isn't FREE. And similar to Adam and Eve, not everyone makes it in paradise as we've seen our fair share of Gringos come and go, unable to make it work here in Costa Rica and almost always, ALWAYS for the same reasons- under estimating the time it takes to start a business and under estimating the amount of money it takes as well. 'Under estimating' is easy to do here if you're not prepared. This would be a good time to CHECK OUT my video:

A few other reasons why many don't make it here- initial idea was not a good one or just wasn't researched enough to see if it would fly. For example- Gringo from New York opened a Mini putt-putt about a quarter mile away from the center of La Fortuna. It's covered but a little too generic, he charges $12. per person and you should know that Tico's don't play putt-putt. Care to guess as to why he won't be here in a few more months besides the obvious?

Anyway, another reason, lack of marketing. Marketing is huge, the 'Build it and they will Come' mentality does not make it here and although you could have the BEST thing going, if folks don't know about it.... well, you do the math.

Bottom Line- don't come here unless you're certain you have enough of the TIME and MONEY it takes in order to realize Paradise... and then some.

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