Sunday, August 26, 2012

Travel Costa Rica NOW now does Costa Rica Travel Packages

Travel Costa Rica NOW finally does Costa Rica travel packages.....WHOO HOO!

OMG! finally, Finally, FINALLY.

Hey Everyone,,,we're so excited to announce that WE at 'Travel Costa Rica NOW' (and I mean, 'Travel Costa Rica NOW as D'Angelo and myself) can now, FINALLY help you with your Costa Rica travel plans.

It's kinda been a natural transition for us..... after all, we do Costa Rica and why not share our Costa Rica experiences with you. So after 4+ years of traveling around the country and video taping our experiences we're hoping you have enough faith in us enough to TRUST us with your travel plans............ Anyway,,,here's our VIDEO. ENjoY!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

my new blog Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW

I'm talkin' Gay Gay Costa Rica- every INCH of it.

Dear Everyone,

That's the description of my NEW 'gay' blog- Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW.

So, to all gay, gay friendly, friends of gay, or really, ANYONE interested in knowing about traveling and living in GAY Costa Rica, I have the blog for you.

After 2 failed attempts of having a gay Costa Rica blog, I'm finally back to my comfort zone, which is 'BLOGGER'. My first attempt at 'Blogger' was actually very successful until I made the mistake of posting 'Adult Content', got flagged and GOOGLE stopped crawling it, relegating my blog into internet, search engine, oblivion. My second attempt was 'Wordpress'... I hated it and quit posting about a year ago.

I'm back, so GAY Costa Rica will finally have a place to PLAY.


michael alan

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Renting a Car in Costa YOU NEED to KNOW THIS

Renting a car in Costa Rica? Then you don't want to MISS these very INFORMATIVE videos.
All car rental agencies in Costa Rica are NOT created equal regardless of how recognizable their names may be in the States. So by the time you sign on the dotted line it could literally be hundreds more than you expected and can put a serious crimp on your travel plans, especially if you budget is tight. Don't miss this INFO and double especially the first video. It's a little long but loaded with relevant information that you need to KNOW.

*The only bit of INFO I probably would have mentioned in the first video is to really check-over your car, make sure everything works and note ALL scratches, dents, broken parts etc so there's no problems when you return the car. This has been known to be a problem with dishonest agents.

This next video is about a SCAM that's been run on unexpecting tourists for a LONG time but is totally avoidable for those in the know.

We like Vamos 4x4. But we're definitely not saying they're the only game in town. We stick with what we like. Check out the video to see why we like them.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica INFO 2012

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica- surf, sun, beach, what's not to like?

Below is our NEW VIDEO of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. We haven't been there in awhile and thought we would UPDATE it.

Here's all you need to know (but you should watch the video...hehe) about Manuel Antonio.

*It's beautiful, great VIEWS, sunsets, thunderstorms etc.

*The National Park is a 'must do' and the beaches are even BETTER in the park.

*It gets a little 'touristy', so for us, we like 'low' season.

*WATCH YOUR SHIT on the beach or it WILL get stolen.

*Gringo prices. Restaurants and hotels run the gamut as far as prices go, so do a little homework.

*Easier to take the bus than drive... and walking is close to suicidal (but we do it, but that's us).

*Think of Quepos as the 'valley' and Manuel Antonio as the 'mountain'.

Watch this one for some SIDE INFO on Manuel Antonio...

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shipping Sh*t to Costa Rica - a Container ANYONE?

Moving to Costa Rica? The BIGGEST question is shipping container or no shipping container? I know, I receive a LOT of questions- so many in fact I often dream about shipping containers… how sad is that? Anyway…

For me, the shipping container question was EASY. When I moved to Costa Rica, I didn’t come here to ‘re-locate’, I came here to live a different lifestyle. I was 44, but to me, I was thinking the world was my oyster, I wanted EVERYTHING new- whatever fit in my carry-on, if you know what I mean…… but that’s me.

I realize there’s many ‘moving to Costa Rica’ stories. We ALL have our reasons and a lot times, a shipping container IS the answer. It wasn't for me because I didn’t care about my ‘things’, but then again, for many, they want what they want and they want it here in Costa Rica, totally understandable.

Truth is, electronics, computers, tv’s… plug-in shit (and tools) and especially cars are expensive here….stupid expensive as far as the States are concerned. In the U.S., at BestBuy, we get a flat-screen for next to nothing, a DeWalt drill gun, buy one get one free, here it’s takes a 4-week paycheck. And cars, you would have never guessed how stupid expensive they are... no, really. So yeah, shipping containers can make sense.

Here's the answer if you're caught between, 'thinking I have shit, but not that much shit'... go here, they do containers, but they also have a GREAT alternative for MUCH CHEAPER- Check it out. Tell them I sent you, not that that will so anything for you, but say it anyway and see what happens. Here's a video I did awhile back with my friend, Bill, about shipping containers and such. ENjoY!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ime pt 2

First off, I want to say THANK-YOU so much for all the encouragement, support, feedback, opinions and suggestions concerning my friend, Ime’s, plight. And a TRIPLE THANX to all of you who shared some of your own personal stories- it was ALL very much appreciated. I received about 50 or so comments and personal emails, that’s a LOT for me. So again, thanx.

I can’t say I agree with everything that was sent to me but then again, you only know what I told you, so I feel obligated to fill in the many holes I left in the 'Ime' story. Not sure it will change anybodies mindset, but it might offer some new perspective. If I told Ime everything that was said, 'selfish, bored, arrogant, self loathing etc', he would probably agree. Anyway...

Let’s start with a few more ‘Ime’ details.

I mentioned that Ime is highly intelligent and he is. Actually, Mensa material, which he was. He kinda quit- got tired of everyone trying to ‘out brain’ each other, as he puts it. Whatever. He’s close to his mother and talks to her frequently. However, like I mentioned, he doesn’t discuss his kids so I think its safe to say, they’re estranged. His mom knows how he is. I probably should have wrote, he would like me to ‘reassure’ her, comfort her so to speak. Strangely, I’ve never meant her, but she knows of me, like I know of her, but Ime telling me to let her use my shoulder to cry on seems weird. I'm certain she would feel the same. It was my BAD for writing it like if he killed himself, it would be a total shock. I don’t think it would be. But even with that we discussed the ‘selfishness’ of it all on numerous occasions and on that point, I’m with Ime. Without getting crazy philosophical, think of it kinda like this. My mom and dad stayed together for ’the kids’, when they clearly should have gotten a divorce. They did NO ONE any favors by ’faking it’ for the kids…it sucked, trust me. And although Ime might be able to fake it,,,, should he really have too? Ime and I are in agreement that
ultimately it is 'your' life and really, to have control over your own death, is kind of the icing on the cake and during these specific discussions, I remember thinking of a quote from one of my favorite movies, ’Shawshank Redemption’- “Get Busy Livin’ or get busy dyin’”. So in Ime’s mind, he’s done, so get on with it.... I agree. Again, without getting knee-deep in the selfishness discussion, we both think Dr. Kevorkian got a raw deal and both believe in the 'right to die'. So lets agree to disagree on the ’selfishness’ factor since it's deserves a lot more debate and discussion than I can give it here.

“En vino veritas” - in wine there’s truth. I believe this is fairly accurate quote. I’ve been around drinkers and I would classify myself as such and your tongue gets loose, that’s a fact. While drinking, things often become over-dramatic as well, but like a TripAdvisor review, take out the highs and lows and the truth is there. Ime is not a dramatic drunk. He drinks, but it just makes him talk, it’s not like he starts crying…. And if you’ve ever been around a drinker, ’cryer’……OMG,,,,, I want to put them out of their misery myself, forget suicide, Ime is not that. If asked why he drinks, he would tell you he does so to “even the playing field”. Most find this a very arrogant statement, again, I see his point. He dumbs himself down in order to converse with the ’common folks’. Judge as you will, but the truth is, I think it’s difficult to be genius. You’re so abOVE other people’s thinking, there’s just no one to relate to……….. Now don’t get me wrong, I call BULLSHIT on him as well. Yes, it could be true about ‘dumbing down‘, but drinking is a little more complex than that… so believe me, I don’t let him off the hook. Beginning with, "Why do you drink so much.... bitch?"

However, he is not depressed as many of you suggested per your emails, although I totally understand how you came to that conclusion. Well, at least he doesn't fit the clinical definition of depression. He’s NOT crying for help mind you. Matter of fact, I’m the only one who knows of his intentions. It’s funny, serious cries for help are often mistaken as ‘attention seeking’…. Ime knows this, so he says nothing. He doesn’t mop around, he goes about his day…. Take my word, you would NEVER know.

Many of you suggested Ime needs a purpose. I agree. I think he's bored. HELLO, purpose is what drives most of us- a reason to live, to keep putting one foot in front of the other…… without purpose, we're Ime. I’ve talked to him about volunteering,,, sharing his knowledge…. ‘Hell, write a book, that will keep your ass busy for a few years….’. He’s not dumb, he understands this, but as he says it,……’There’s just no more gas in the tank….

I'm in agreement. Get on with it. 'Get busy livin' OR get busyin' dyin'' What are you waiting for? BUT...

Whatever Ime. Now it's my turn. So check your 6000+ IQ at the door,, because here’s what I got for you.

First and foremost, I love you. You’ve been the best of what a friend is.. you’ve listened to my bullshit, talked me down, gave me perspective…and the discussions, the fucking DisCuSSIONs.... the conversations, just talking to you makes me question my every thought, I love the fact you keep me thinking, and I don't think you could be closer than a brother, I love you, for real. BUT, the fact you can summarize Steven Hawking's, “A Brief History in Time” in 15 minutes, doesn’t do shit for the fact you’re too pussy to tell your mother whats up.. Fuck you. You want to off yourself,,,, so be it. But your brainyness should tell you, you need to talk to your mother YOURSELF, and until you do…..I’m not on board with you. I love you, respect your ‘right’ to die blah, blah, blah….. Whatever. And when you do get the BALLS to tell your mother, I’ll load the fuckin' gun for your sillyass self.. Until then, we’re drinking rum and discussing why 9-11 was an inside job…….. Got me? PS. Your IQ doesn’t mean shit unless you use it………

Love, your better than friend.....

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Friend Wants to KILL Himself FOR REAL

Maybe in Costa Rica, suicide IS painless.

His name is Max but everyone calls him, 'Ime'. As he tells it, a nickname his first wife gave him because she said he was a selfish prick who only thought of himself; hence, I + me = Ime. He obviously doesn't mind 'the bash' since he introduces himself as such. I don't know, maybe he thinks it's true. Anyway, doesn't really matter, but what does matter is Max wants to KILL himself. I'm not sure I totally appreciate the fact he confided in me, because truthfully, it's a little much, but I do understand why he chose me to tell. Ime is my age, 52.

I've known Ime for about 7 months and like me, he's lived in Costa Rica for about 7 years. We became fast friends and actually, he's my only true friend I have here in Costa Rica. I don't toss the word 'friend' around like many seem to do, I would call most people I associate with here, good acquaintances... whatever. In my world, friends are people who are with you regardless, and when I say regardless, I mean REGARDLESS ... and that's Ime. I can tell him anything and vice versa... and there's no bullshit involved. I like that. It's as if we've been friends forever. Intellectually, Ime is much smarter than me, he literally knows a LOT of shit and even if he doesn't, his bullshit usually rings true, so most wouldn't know to call him OUT on it anyway. He's the guy who's going to win Trivial Pursuit- you know the type. BUT, I have him in emotional intelligence, so the fact he can explain in detail how the universe all fits together or how to kill someone with dental floss, he needs me to help with 'perspective and understanding' needless to say, we get along like peas and a fork.

Ironic, it was one of our first 'deep' conversations. Unfortunately, it was laced with extreme amounts of rum and cokes, so I couldn't see any red flags and the nuances are WAY vague but the conversation was about suicide...and I don't have to guess what I said, as my thoughts on the subject are vastly different from the majority thinking.. but since Ime isn't usually in the majority thinking, we had exactly the same thoughts on the matter. I'm thinking that's why he confided in me.

A few more tidbits about Ime. Like many people who come to Costa Rica, Ime seems to have money. I know in his past life he consulted and did well in real estate but he doesn't work here in Costa Rica. Ime has a really nice place outside of town and doesn't seem to want for anything. I know he did the family thing but he never talked about his kids or his ex-wife's and I've never felt inclined to bring them up. One thing Ime does do here, and very well, is drink. You would call him an alcoholic, I would say alcoholics go to meetings, Ime's a drinker. Just one more thing we have in common.

Anyway, I do feel sorry for folks who kill themselves because of feelings of hopelessness. But I also believe many people are like Ime (and me), he's just done. And that's exactly how he explained it to me. "Michael, I've done what I've wanted, I've been in love, had good friends and family... there's nothing more on my bucket list. I'm not depressed and I'm not mad or running from anything.... I'm just done."

I can totally understand Ime's way of THINKNG

Sorry, let me get to the point of all this. Ime hasn't asked my advice and believe me, he didn't tell me in order to try and have me talk him out of it, he's not looking for sympathy or seeking attention, I know him, he's serious, he just asked me to do a few things for him after he does do it. Bottom line- Ime will kill himself- it's a given. He merely wants me to explain it to his mother.... he wants me to tell her he's good, no problems...not sad or depressed or any of the regular reasons people decide to put a bullet in their brain...he wants me to tell her his life 'was' good....but as he described it to me, he's 'like a woman who knows when it's time to leave'.... he says it's his time to leave.

Ime does appreciate my perspective and really, I only had to recommendations: First, why don't you wait until your mother dies FIRST, why do this now... I remember thinking, 'selfish much'? He just answered, "that's why I want you to talk to her, tell her not to be sad......"

Gee, thanx friend.

I also advised against pills or the hose in the exhaust, it's a little more 'user' friendly. He laughed and said that's exactly how it's going to go.

Believe me, I know this post sounds a little 'flippant'...but you know, it's the reality of things and really, what do you expect when you put 2 Libertarians/Atheists in the same room.... yikes.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Not sure it's going to change anything... but please, TALK to me.

PS. I believe Ime when he says he's done,,,,, but I recall this video I made with my friend, Bill, awhile back...sheer BOREDOM could also be doing it to Ime.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

BIG MISTAKE Taking Over a Business in Costa Rica?

Living in La Fortuna, D'Angelo and I have seen a lot of gringos come and go... a LOT. I would say the majority of those folks left with their tail between their legs due to making bad investment(s) and losing everything (usually from not doing their homework btw), others, drawn by the prospect of paradise and quickly realizing that toucans flying by your window during morning coffee doesn't offset
the frustration of the continuous red-tape, not to mention money, it takes to get things done in Costa Rica. A few, not only left Costa Rica but exited the planet by their own hand, unable to deal.... very sad to say the least. There's even a few who WANT to leave but can't, stuck in a kind of limbo between heaven and hell, making just enough to get by but not enough to make a change, barely surviving. Us, we can seriously relate to the first and last groups... but I digress.

Anyway, I love doing these expat interviews because each person has a unique and interesting story on how they found their way to Costa Rica. On this day I'm interviewing Mike, the new owner of 'Just Good Food' a little soda-style restaurant here in La Fortuna. (Coincidentally, we made a video for 'Just Good Food' about a year ago, it's below if you're interested). Mike's only been here a few months but trust me, he's learned a lot in a short period of time, so you're not going to want to miss what he has to say about his experience buying a 'turn-key' business in a foreign land... especially if you're thinking about coming to Costa Rica and possibly doing the same. ENjoY! btw if you ever happen to be in the La Fortuna area, stop in 'Just Good Food', have a bite to eat and a beer and give Mike a Shout-Out, he's great to chat with and you'll be glad you took the time.

Here's the 'Just Good Food' Video we did about a year ago.

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