Friday, August 24, 2012

my new blog Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW

I'm talkin' Gay Gay Costa Rica- every INCH of it.

Dear Everyone,

That's the description of my NEW 'gay' blog- Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW.

So, to all gay, gay friendly, friends of gay, or really, ANYONE interested in knowing about traveling and living in GAY Costa Rica, I have the blog for you.

After 2 failed attempts of having a gay Costa Rica blog, I'm finally back to my comfort zone, which is 'BLOGGER'. My first attempt at 'Blogger' was actually very successful until I made the mistake of posting 'Adult Content', got flagged and GOOGLE stopped crawling it, relegating my blog into internet, search engine, oblivion. My second attempt was 'Wordpress'... I hated it and quit posting about a year ago.

I'm back, so GAY Costa Rica will finally have a place to PLAY.


michael alan