Friday, January 4, 2013

The Reasons You Can't Make It In Costa Rica

Fed up with the politics of the United States? Ready for retirement? Want to start a new life in another country? The reasons could be endless but maybe this the year you're thinking about making the move to Costa Rica?

This could be YOUR year but I gotta tell you, for many, 2012 was NOT a good year to be in Costa Rica. I think me and D'Angelo so more people leave this past year than any other. I almost feel obligated to make one of the montage videos of the people that didn't survive Costa Rica, 2012. And many of the stories were just plain sad but also, very avoidable.

We made a couple videos you may or may not have seen but I can tell you, the reasons 98% of the folks who didn't survive Costa Rica are on these 2 videos.

We want to see people make it here in Costa Rica and don't want to witness a repeat of 2012, so please, REVIEW these videos if you're thinking about making the move... and please, please, PLEASE, don't think you're the exception to the rule. Hope it helps.

Why Gringo Businesses FAIL in Costa Rica-

Culture SHOCK!

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