Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spirogyra Butterfly Garden San Jose

Costa Rica knows Butterfly Gardens and 'Spirogyra Butterfly Garden' in San Jose is one of the BEST!

Who would have thought- a butterfly garden located smack-dab in the middle of San José? Well actually many know of this little slice of butterfly paradise, as it IS in all the travel books and seemingly quite popular. In the PAST I normally wouldn't loiter around San José for any longer than necessary, so I never even considered the possibility of a butterfly garden in the city, or probably CARED for that matter. I have since changed my opinion of San José: San José, Costa Rica- I'm SORRY! Anyway, on this past trip to the city, we made it a point to stop in Spirogyra Butterfly Farm and check it out for ourselves... and are we GLAD we did.

The Spirogyra Butterfly Garden is a little breath of fresh air nestled within walking distance of the hustle and bustle of the city. After about 30 minutes roaming around the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden (snapping the perfect butterfly pics) and the adjoining forest pathway next to the garden, it's EASY to forget you're actually IN a BIG city. Remember to leave plenty of room on your memory card as photo-ops are EVERYWHERE.

Here’s how Spirogyra describes themselves:

'Spirogyra is a butterfly farm and garden located within walking distance of San José, Costa Rica's capital. One of our goals is to keep this area, located in the last forested part of the city as a "green oasis' where people can learn about butterflies and their role in the environment and hopefully become sensitive and more aware of the importance of preserving one's habitat.'

Spirogyra isn't the 'biggest' butterfly garden out there, but the feeling of REALLY walking through a lush garden with beautiful butterflies flitting about seems so NATURAL. Besides, I'm NOT a big fan of the BIG 'net like' enclosures that don't even go to the trouble of of 'faking it' by landscaping appropriately, yet billing themselves as a serious butterfly garden... UGH!

Luckily, this is not the case at Spirogyra.

If you got an hour or two to spare, we highly recommend a visit to the Spirogyra Butterfly Farm and Garden. During the busier seasons, they even have a small cafe where you can watch an educational film and have coffee and a snack.

Spirogyra Butterfly Farm and Garden is located 50m east and150m south from the main entrance to "El Pueblo" shopping center.

Here's our VIDEO REVIEW of Spirogyra Butterfly Garden and whether you're a butterfly enthusiast or not, it's worth checking out. ENjOY! This Video should be watched in HD.

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