Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Travel Tip that's nice to KNOW

When traveling to Costa Rica, there's just some things that are NICE to know .... just in case.

And this is one of those kind of tips.

To me, researching a country before traveling to it is half the fun.... and usually, the MORE prepared you are, the better the experience will be. We would ALWAYS encourage anyone interested in traveling to Costa Rica to CHECK-OUT the tons of Costa Rica Travel INFO and VIDEOS we have on our sites (links to the right)... and not just our STUFF- but other peoples sites as well, for even more perspective.
*Stay away from sites which seem to have an agenda, such as selling YOU real estate or who continuously promote the 'Costa Rica = Paradise' perception without ever mentioning some of the problems one may incur while traveling and/or living in said, 'PARADISE'.
And trust me, these 'agenda' sites are the NORM. Really, there's only a handful of Costa Rica websites that actually tell you the TRUTH about Costa Rica- here's one you can start with (after ours of course): Costa Rica Blogger. So remember, BEWARE when doing your research.

D'Angelo and myself made this short video to provide a bit of 'insider' Costa Rican INFO which is useful to know when traveling around the country, especially if you're doing so on a budget, but really, good INFO regardless.

Costa Ricans are a practical people. This is a practical TRAVEL TIP, brought to you by 2 fairly impractical guys:

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