Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Murder in Costa Rica and don't call my Mom a Bitch

Violent crime is UP in Costa Rica. Murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault and over-all MAYHEM are all on the rise in Costa Rica. San Jose Costa Rica- DANGEROUS. Limon, Costa Ric- also DANGEROUS.

Everywhere you TURN, there's someone with a gun ready to separate you from your valuables. BEWARE!


I don't doubt crime is on the rise in Costa Rica. Hell, just the fact there's a recession would at least partially explain the rise, but there are also many other factors that I won't get into, at least not right now.

But living HERE and TRAVELING HERE are almost two entirely different things. This post is about CRIME as it relates to traveling here. Living in Costa Rica and dealing with crime is a different thing.
<<<<<<<<<<<<< Ummmmmm...maybe you should consider leaving the BLING at home.

I STILL maintain if you follow the advice of our VIDEOS and other INFO and other responsible Costa Rica websites regarding crime and theft etc, your likelihood of being the victim of a serious crime while traveling around Costa RIca is REMOTE- "YEAH, I said it."

Here's a VIDEO we did about Violent Crime on the RISE in Costa Rica. Hope it Helps.

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Great Video - I myself travel to Costa Rica once a month, I travel alone - stay in San Jose- Walk from the Sportsman to my hotel through Morazan park 3 times a day and at night, I stay down on 11th ave. I walk everywhere never had a problem, I don't drink - Don't wear fancy jewelery and don't look like I'm lost - police presents has increased 100 percent in the last 5 years, outside of some harmless 120lb crackheads nobody has given me a problem, a police shake down now and then is refreshing to me, only if they did that in south Florida, but then again we would lose half our population. Keep up the good work'

Unknown said...

Thanx. That's what I'm talkin about, a little common sense.

Elaine Bobbitt said...

Great video. I have been traveling CR for 10 years, alone and with several people. I am a woman and I have always been treated with the utmost respect.
Keep spreading the word to use common sense, just like you would do in your own country.

Unknown said...

We're trying Elaine,,,,,it's a bit daunting sometimes....thanx for the comment.

Eugene said...

Stop hiding the truth about crime in Costa Rica.What is really going on?itic

Eugene said...

seems like Costa Rica is getting quite a bad reputation

Anonymous said...

Lets get the facts straight. In 2011 CR had 474 murders which resulted in an overall murder rate of 10.4 per 100,000 population. BUT 111 of those murders happened in Limon on the Caribbean Coast and were related to drug crimes. The vast majority of the rest were in San Jose and also drug related. Lets compare that rate to some major US metro areas: New Orleans (57.6); Detroit (48.2); St Louis (35.3); Baltimore (31.3); Oakland(26.3); Kansas City (23.4); Cincinnati (20.5); Philly(21.2); Atlanta (20.7); DC(17.5); Chicago (15.9); Milwaukee (14.2); Omaha (10.4); Boston(10.1); Denver (5.6); New York (6.3). So bottom line is its about as safe in CR overall as it is in Omaha! And if you avoid Limon and San Jose and are not a drug dealer then your chances of being murdered in CR are pretty close to zero.