Saturday, June 5, 2010

La Fortuna- A Night in the Bullring

Costa Rica doesn't KILL the bull at a bullfight- another reason I love Costa Rica.


In Costa Rica, bullfighting is simple- release a bull or two in the ring of a couple hundred *drunk* people- taunt the bull(s) and then it's "Run, Forrest, Run!" and pray your not the NEXT viral video on YouTube. For instance this just happened in Spain (where they do KILL the bull), but be WARNED! - this clip is very GRAPHIC! The matador will live, however, the bull's revenge was short-lived, they killed him soon after... you know, just because they revere and respect the bull for being a competent adversary....blah, blah, blah.

*Okay, STOP watching it- this is partly the reason why this version of 'bullfighting' is still popular.

On this night in La Fortuna, it was fun for the entire family.


D'Angelo and myself thought we would take in 'A night at the Bull Ring' in La Fortuna), where it was a much 'tamer' version of bullfighting along with other bull-like activities. Part bullfight, part rodeo, part circus and part social EVENT, with various doses of, machismo, rights-of-passage, stupidity and of course BEER- ALL thrown in to ensure an EXCITING night. But the bottom line- it's FUN. And although people get run over or thrown off... HARD, on this night the bulls didn't have horns.. always a good thing if you're the one getting run over.

Although in Costa Rica, they NEVER kill the bull, they do like to antagonize and TAUNT the bull unMERCIFULLY, but hey, at least the bull lives to see another day.

It's all FUN and GAMES...... well, most of the time.

So, CHECK OUT our VIDEO about a 'Night in the bullring in La Fortuna Costa Rica (this VIDEO is G-Rated):

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jdocop said...

Not sure what source of information you had for this article, but your description is a bit off. You should be aware that the sport of bull riding is right up there with Futbol in Costa Rica. The event you saw did not involve throwing a couple of bulls into a ring, but involved various individuals, who are very serious about what they do, trying to ride various bulls, one at a time (just like the same event in an American Rodeo), and the point of the idiots running around the ring is to distract the bull, after the ride has ended. This is done in lieu of paying top dollar to rodeo clowns. For the price of a few beers, the Ticos get many clowns.

expatcostarica said...

I never thought you could have so much fun with livestock until I saw an event like this in Siquieres.

Nothing like beer and taughting livestock for a fun evening in el campo.

Unknown said...

I see what you're saying, but on this night in La Fortuna, I can assure you, NO ONE was serious about anything. And if 'anyone' that rode a bull out of the gate was a serious bull rider then they may want to rethink their career choice. This is the only event I've been to like this, but even all the footage I've seen and the people I talk places like Zapote the bull rider out of the gate seems to be almost as a way to get the bull out into the 'idiots'..... which seems to be more of the 'show' than the bull ride. But thanx for the insight,,we'll be going to BIGGER events and taping them as well.