Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself

The newest member of our family, a 2 1/2 month old chihuahua named, Pincho.

Hey EVERYONE! Just wanted to introduce you to the newest and CUTEST member of the Travel Costa Rica NOW.com TEAM- 'Pincho'. He's small, but tenacious and we think he'll learn his way around a camera in no time. In Costa Rican spanish, 'pincho' means 'skewer' as in 'shish kebab'. We thought it worked. The Tico's here think his name is pretty funny or maybe they're just wondering if he tastes better than chicken, hard to say.

I got this funny feeling you'll be seeing a little more of Pincho as he will no doubt find his way into a few of our VIDEOS with his outgoing personality and rugged good looks. And as long as he doesn't try to upstage us and become the next 'Taco Bell' dog, we'll all get along just fine.

But when his first words were, "Me llamo Picho, soy Tico".... well who knows what could be in store.

STAY tuned!


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Mary Lynn said...

Congratulations! He's adorable! Now you really will have to update the hotels for their dog-friendliness! Good luck with the addition to your family, you will have a hard time keeping him from stealing the show!