Friday, September 3, 2010

It's obvious- I HATE Costa Rica

Between our sites: 'Travel Costa Rica NOW', 'Doin' Costa Rica', 'Doin Gay Costa Rica' and our YouTube Channel iCostaRica24 as well as my other blog about my on-going BATTLE with Palo Verde Resort called: 'Arenal Bungalows- MY STORY', we have a LOT of INFO on the internet about Costa Rica. Literally, hundreds and hundreds of pages of content with approximately 150 videos, not to mention our pics on Flickr, showing off the beauty that IS Costa Rica. *Doin GAY Costa Rica is being remodeled.

We don't sugar-coat Costa Rica and REFUSE to 'push paradise' at all cost like most other Costa Rica websites tend to do. In fact, that's why this blog is titled, 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Living in Costa Rica.' We also attempt, through our Travel Videos, to pass along pertinent INFO that visitors to Costa Rica can actually use, so unfortunately not everything about traveling here is toucans, volcanoes and sunsets, although most is. *Truthfully, it's living here which presents the more relevant issues.

We're getting biGGER everyday, which is NICE. It's cool to see some of our hard work appreciated, but the more 'popular' we get, the more SHIT we get. It's just the way it goes, like this comment I received a couple days ago concerning this POST- Doin DRUGS in Costa Rica
"We really don't need any of your lame invitations for the white-trash to come and ruin our reputation as a turistic destination more than it already is, thanks in part to idiots such as yourselves.

You keep posting bullshit like this, pretty soon someone (E.G.: me) is going to make friends with somebody at inmigration and you are going to end up taking your sorry asses back to the U.S.

Wonder what took me so long to finally visit your little bloggie...

When are you guys getting a life?"

While we may not have a LIFE, we do have a computer and it travels. lol

We love comments and feedback and even the above doesn't really bother us, we're BIG boys, BUT, I would like to point out a few things I've noticed about some of our more negative comments and perhaps suggest a few things as well:

1) The most vile, negative comments we receive usually come from Tico's themselves. Ironically, rarely do they disagree with our CONTENT, but they HATE the fact we're telling YOU. It's the, "Don't air Costa Rica's dirty laundry or no one will visit." plea. *I do understand this up to a point.

2) People who don't want to visit Costa Rica just because they hear some of the road conditions are questionable... well, they're the same people who are bored if it rains and typically these sorts of people are perpetual whiners and complainers regardless... seriously fuck'em, but the road conditions ARE questionable and people need to know. Ditto, for Theft & Crime.

3) I can't seem to stress this enough, D'Angelo and myself LOVE Costa Rica or we wouldn't live here, but like any place with a population over 5, there's going to be problems- that's ANYWHERE in the WORLD. Although I do believe problems should be aired and discussed, not neatly tucked away. I'm all about airing 'dirty laundry', as it would never become CLEAN otherwise.

4) First and foremost, we are a Costa Rica Travel Site. We're like a 'Lonely Planet' or 'Frommers' on VIDEO (we're hoping anyway). We believe knowledge trumps the 'pushing of paradise' card and makes for a much better Costa Rican experience, so unfortunately, sometimes, we have to tell folks about the Good and the Bad of Riding the Buses in Costa Rica. Proactive is better than Reactive ANY DAY.

5) Think of something a little more clever than, "If you don't like it, go back to your own F'in country", which is usually followed by some other derogatory statement about the United States. Whatever. *I didn't like the traffic problems or the local law enforcement in Las Vegas either, but I LOVED Las Vegas, get it?

6) At this time we have about 150 videos uploaded. I understand that many times a person could just randomly run into one of our videos and think we're 'bad mouthing' Costa Rica, but more often than not it's obvious we have more than a few videos about Costa Rica. Maybe if you watched more than ONE, you'd get a better perspective of what we do or perhaps read more than one blog post... cruise around our sites, CHECK-OUT our pics, I think our 'stuff' speaks for itself.

Still want to call immigration... learn how to spell it first.

We're not TICO,,, but we don't love Costa Rica any less because we're not.

TONS of Costa Rica Travel Info and VIDEOS on our website: Travel Costa Rica NOW and if you want to visit our YouTube Channel: iCostaRica24 ENjoY!


Mary Lynn said...

As a fellow foreigner living in this beautiful country I appreciate the information you post here and on your other sites. I have always come away with the impression that your advice is come, be safe, be careful, be smart ... but COME. I don't see this as negative for tourism. I think it is better to come to a country with an informed idea of what to expect rather than to come and be disappointed. When we plan a trip here I usually check your site and other blogs that I follow to see what areas would interest me. I even visited San Jose, although I really hate cities, because of the positive things you had posted. I also left my jewelry home and held my purse by the metal ring because of your posts. We had a great time in the city, and had no incidents perhaps because of this. My other half is Tico and he often comments on how much he has learned about his country via the information on the internet.

Although it doesn't seem that I need to say this, don't let the critics put a damper on what you guys do. Unfortunately the way of the world is that content people are quiet and the whiners make the noise.

Mary Lynn

Stacey said...

Nice Michael. Glad you called out the 'hate formula'. If you don't like XX F#$% you, go back to your own country, which sucks #$#%. So original and convincing.

Unknown said...

Hey Mary Lynn and Stacey, thanx for the words of encouragement..they came at a GREAT time. We can only try to do our best,,,and that's it. thanx again...totally appreciate it.

Austin Lehman Adventures said...

I love Hate silly but I feel like its similar to dong a Roast for a famous actor. We do it because we love it so much, its funny to point out the flaws. Like getting electrocuted in a Costa Rica shower, or having no power for two days, or buying dirty gasoline...It's funny! Well I think so anyway. And I agree with you if you are traveling to a third world or developing country you need to come with an open mind and a sense of humor. Blog on I love it! -Daniella

ticoswife said...

I'm the wife of a Tico and we live in the U.S. I have been to Costa Rica only once but previously unbeknownst to me, I discovered that I suffer from terrible mold allergies while I was there. I come from a dry area of Southern California and being in Costa Rica was very hard on me. I didn't enjoy much of it due to the mold that is everywhere! Outside I did fine though. It IS a very beautiful country. There is a lot to see. Gorgeous Toucan's! Seeing those in person is a MUST. Anyway, that being said, there is a lot to find fault with in Costa Rica, due to crime and roads, etc...I don't ever want to live there. It's just too overpriced and plus, with the mold allergy, I feel SO SICK. My poor husband has to travel there without me now but his family comes and stays here for months at a time and has their children born here in the states, so I don't feel that bad :( Costa Rica is a beautiful, flawed country. But it sure helps to travel there with someone who has lived there and is fluent in the language. If you aren't fluent and haven't read about the downside of living there, don't go! I watched two men sidle up to my husband in the mall and try to steal his wallet. The only luxuries he had on was an old pair of Levi's? The place is full of opportunistic people who are just as materialistic (if not more so) than anyone you'll meet here in the states. My advice? Visit Costa Rica but don't live there unless you're from there. People love their own country for the most part. But if they had the chance to live here in the U.S., Costa Ricans would rush in and then bellyache about us once they got here. Belive me, I've seen it!