Sunday, September 19, 2010

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

Our VIDEO of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve.

The Monteverde, Santa Elena Area is one of the most bio-diverse locations on the planet. *btw- for the record, Monteverde and Santa Elena are pretty much the same 'area', at least as far as the tourist is concerned, so don't let it confuse you.

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve isn't as popular as the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve, but that's precisely why we like it (something about the path less traveled). Santa Elena is a 765 acre reserve and has a maximum elevation of 5,510 ft. making it the highest cloud forest in Monteverde. It has 8 miles of hiking trails and is open from 7am to 4pm. Guides are available and you can also do a night tour. ,
If you're into flora and fauna then definitely don't skip Monteverde if you're planning a trip to Costa Rica.

Jurassic Park has nothing on Santa Elena... well except maybe the dinosaur thing.

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