Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catholic Bishops in Costa Rica are GAY!

The Catholic Church in Costa Rica says gay same sex unions are NOT part of Gods master plan.

I have nothing good to say about the Catholic religion. It SUCKS. That's right, I have absolutely NO respect. It is probably one of the BEST examples of how religions are often used to RULE people through guilt and shame. Of its followers, I would say 60% have an IQ of the sheep they are (sheep are usually sheep because they've only known one shepherd) and the other 40% are the same folks who read 'self-help' books like the newspaper.

Ask me how I really feel?

The Bishops in Costa Rica had a conference recently. This is what they said about gay civil unions, which was really a WARNING directed at lawmakers here in Costa Rica, you know, before they do something stupid, like making gay EQUAL:

“Marriage is not just any union between two human beings,” they stated, explaining that it was “founded by the Creator, who gave it a particular nature...and an undeniable purpose.”

“The legalization of such unions distorts the understanding of fundamental moral values and undermines the institution of marriage as such.”

“In making same-sex unions equal to marriage or the family under the law, the state is acting arbitrarily and is contradicting its own duties,”
the bishops continued.

Nothing new here. This coming from a 'business' which has to have a written policy on how to deal with accusations of pedophilia because of its L...O...N...G history of abuses, can you imagine? Name another Fortune 500 company that has to do that. And if they did, they'd be BOYCOTTED into non-existence... really, think about it.

Their arguments are lame and tired. The dinosaurs of the Catholic Church went on to say this:
The bishops stressed that “men and women with homosexual tendencies must be treated with respect and must not be subject to discrimination.” However, the bishops then reaffirmed the Church’s teaching that “homosexual practices are “objectively contrary to God’s plan for the human being.”
This statement is just out and out STUPID. They can discriminate against 'gay' but you shouldn't. This is akin to the old, "Hate the sin, LOVE the sinner", bullshit. Which by the way is NOT in the bible. Although sometimes subtle and sometimes NOT, the Catholic Church teaches homosexuality is WRONG and abNORMAL, that's it.

Hmmm, interesting. 30 million gays in the United States ALONE, not 30, not three thousand, 30 F'n million. Science, doctors and gays themselves concur, gay is who you are, CASE closed. (Although personally, I'd have chosen it, sex is better). And because some F'ed up book with more contradictions and mistakes in it is misinterpreted, you want to use said book as 'gospel'... pun intended.

The CHURCH will eventually LOSE big time, and gay will not only be tolerated but ACCEPTED. Connect the dots for christ's sake....geez.

Of course if the 'dinosaurs' that are the Catholic Church happen to become extinct sooner rather than later... SWEET!

For your amusement or disgust, whichever the 'gay' may be:

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Hubertus said...

Hi Michael and Angelo,
I'm living in Germany and watch your Blog several months. Many thanks for all information over CR. I really enjoy your Blog and hope to visit CR January next year. Surely you know that we have a big affair within the catholic church concerning of sexual cruelties with young peoples. Thousands of Germans leave the church, because they recognize the double moral standards of the catholic bishops. It seems that the CR parents will awake after they found out, that her own childrens are abused from the CR bishops. It's really shit to learn after this poor experience. The quality of a Democracy is shown how the accept lesbian and gays.

Unknown said...

Hey Hubertus,, thanx so much for the nice comments, we really appreciate them. I'm just tired of the Catholic Church, I wish they would go AWAY. I hope the Costa Rican people wake up before too much damage is done. thanx again for the comment.

Tracy said...


As it´s known those situation with the Catholic church it´s something that happens all around the world, not only in Costa Rica,but I am sure in every single country, just like the news about all those kids that were molested a long time ago...I really don´t blame some parents that still believe in their church, this type of incidents happen in other religions as well, we have pedofiles in every religion, the thing is that the Catholic Church is the biggest one, so more cases will appear...The point is, to never thrust anyone when you are talking about kids...not even in teachers, coaches, etc.