Thursday, October 28, 2010

INTERBUS leaves us Hanging- Bitches

INTERBUS can drive Costa Rica but their problem solving skills SUCK!

Interbus is a private shuttle service in Costa Rica and they pretty much fucked us OVER. bitches.

Interbus has rules and regulations and I understand that. I also don't believe D'Angelo and myself deserve any special treatment because of what we do, although, often times people do seem to go out of their way to make sure things go well for us. We can't do anything about that and to be honest, sometimes it's nice to have a perk or two thrown our way.

We booked Interbus to take us from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo and back again. We've used them many times in the past and accept for breaking down once, they've always been reliable.

We did not know they had a 'no pets' policy. Technically, Pincho is a dog but if ferrets had big pointy ears, he could pass. But, he is a dog and I get it. If we were attempting to be sneaky or purposely break the rules, I would totally understand why Interbus did what they did but alas, that wasn't the case.

D'Angelo and I were the only ones on the Interbus van for the first 3 1/2 hours of our trip. We did not hide the fact we had a dog, but he was in a small type of duffel bag/dog carrier thingy and I can understand how the driver may have missed him. He also didn't hear him for 3 1/2 hours BUT he did see him when we stopped for a 45 minute break and waited for our connection van which would take us the rest of the way. During the break, Pincho was on a leash, sniffing and peeing on bushes while the driver was talking to D'Angelo about random nothings. The driver didn't even MENTION the Interbus pet policy.... pussy.

We switched vans and drivers and this second Interbus van was full, about 9 people I think. Not one realized we had a dog with us, nor did the driver.

We learned about the 'pet policy' after we checked in at our hotel. Apparently the first driver phoned the 'powers that be' and informed them of the infraction. I'm thinking he called at about the same time Pincho was peeing on the wheel of the Interbus van. To bad Pincho wasn't a big ass elephant... chihuahua pee just doesn't have the same effect.

Rules are rules and I'm not looking to be the exception but I am expecting a little discretion, judgment, options, compromise or responsibility... SOMETHING.

Our friends at Gecko Trail Adventures were trying to help us out since they booked it in the first place. Nothing worked. Rules are rules DAMN IT! Interbus took ZERO responsibility and offered NOTHING, not even to help us find alternative transportation. "Welcome to Puerto Viejo and fuck you very much...oh, good luck getting back home."

I only know this- Interbus is a private company, they had... and have flexibility and could have exercised a little discretion. They chose NEITHER.

So Interbus, your mom's visiting Russia and something similar happens to her and the transportation company leaves your dear old mother stranded. Do you find this lack of problem solving as an acceptable behavior from a company that deals with tourists and various issues on a daily basis.....? One WORD for you Interbus, well maybe THREE- "GRAY LINE motherfucker."

NEWS FLASH Interbus, you are NOT the only game in town.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Punta Uva - where beauty, SEX and chillin RULE!

Punta Uva, just south of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Back from Puerto Viejo Costa Rica for the second time in less than a month. Fortunately for us, last time we didn't get everything done we had promised, mainly making videos for a few folks, so we went back and took care of business (we have such a tough life). As usual- we had a GREAT TIME and soon we'll be posting the videos to prove it.

For those who may not know, Puerto Viejo is on the
Caribbean side of Costa Rica fairly close to the Panamanian border. This little 3 corner Caribbean town has a 'flavor' all it's own not found on the Pacific side of the country- very Jamaican in Puerto Viejo.

On our last visit we went to perhaps one of the more beautiful beaches found in the Puerto Viejo area, Punta Uva. I love, Love, LOVE this little cove. The way the 'greens' of the jungle contrast with the water and the beach... VERY NICE! I think we went through 3 batteries and 2 memory cards snapping pics.

So of course we made a little video just to show off some of the area's natural beauty, which is embedded below, but first a couple 'wildlife' shots:

WARNING- this first pic is for ADULTS ONLY due to its graphic nature.

We felt a little guilty intruding but watching crabs do the 'nasty' was actually quite entertaining.

This sloth was chillin' up in a tree by the Punta Uva Dive Shop.

And just for the record, no animal on the planet can chill as good as a sloth can.

And here's our VIDEO of Punta Uva:

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Monday, October 18, 2010

AM Costa Rica continues the BULLSHIT

AM Costa Rica just continues to push the BULLSHIT.

I decided to take a peek this morning at AM Costa Rica, 'Your daily English-language News source Monday through Friday', with the hunch their would be more editorials on the Barny Frank, Chris Dodd fuck-up. Appears I was right.

Don't know the story? AM Costa Rica published a news article and instead of sticking to the facts, they decided to interject their own opinion by writing a little sarcastic quip deriding the character of Mr. Frank and Mr. Dodd. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the dos and don'ts of reporting, knows this is a Journalism 101 don't, as this article was not an editorial or commentary, just news. "Just the facts ma'am."

So, this morning, AM f'in Costa Rica decides to print 2 more editorials by random dumbasses (and ones a supposed lawyer)to rationalize their position on Barney Frank.

The headline of the first editorial:

'Barney Frank campaigner says he's economics illiterate'
So, the writer of this editorial is some lady named, Barbara C. Johnson. She worked with Frank over 30 years ago........that's right 30 years... and based on that experience working with Frank, over 30 years ago, she says he's economics illiterate. Here's a little more of her experience:
"Barney gave his attention to those already politically well-connected and catered to them. He was, even then, pompous and evaded any serious questions about serious matters."
Whatever, he might be everything this Barbara says... although the statement is a vast over-generalization...just sayin'. Don't know and actually, don't care. But I know this- it has nothing to do with AM Costa Rica interjecting their sarcastic quip in a news story.

Here's the other editorial today, this one from Edward Baecher. Starts this way:
"If some do not like your commentaries, rather than the never ending belly aching, they should not read it anymore. I have faith that the staff at A.M. Costa Rica are aware of freedom of the press."
Then Mr. Baecher goes on to rip Barney a new one. Whatever, it's an editorial, his opinion, so again, whatever.

And that's the point Barbara and Edward, AM Costa Rica was presenting NEWS, they were not writing an editorial or commentary and the fact they printed your dumbass rationalizations just makes them appear more bias, because there's NO possible way they didn't get more shit from the likes of people like me.

AM Costa Rica, you're pathetic.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The JOKE that is AM Costa Rica

AM Costa Rica says it's, 'Your daily English-language news source Monday through Friday'. I call BULLSHIT.

I make fun of AM Costa Rica because well, it's easy. As far as being a legitiment news source, I would say their about 2 or 3 steps from being a joke. They exist for advertisement's sake, not that that's necessarily a bad thing but if you're looking for in-depth, hard hitting, unbiased news and reporting, AM Costa Rica is NOT it.

Here's their latest fuck-up.

This past Wednesday they ran this story: 'Rewards offered for turning in crooked U.S. firms'. It's a story about an organization, "which seeks to encourage and help those who would be whistle blowers about corporate bribery and corruption."

So the story goes on, here it is verbatim as written by the AM Costa Rica staff:
"The program grew out of the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Act, the Wall Street financial reform package that just passed the U.S. Congress.

The measure is named after Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, both of whom are not exactly ethical paragons."

WTF? This isn't a story about Chris Dodd's or Barney Frank's character or lack thereof ... Geez, AM Costa Rica, tell us what you really think.

Republican or Democrat...doesn't matter. Think Dodd and Frank deserve medals for their public service or they're complete assholes...irrelevant. This is Journalism 101 for god sake. Report the why, where, when, what and how, and leave your personal opinions to yourself. This was NOT an editorial; therefore totally irresponsible and only serves to inch you closer to JOKE(r) status.

Here's some free advice AM Costa Rica- You've written shit like this on numerous occasions and anyone who reads you even semi-regularly already knows you're pretty much right of Reagan. But if I were you, I'd admit to this particular lapse in judgment, because if you don't, you're going to lose a good percentage of readers who don't want to continuously read your Ann Coulter-ish sarcasms first thing in the morning. Just wondering, do your advertisers ever give you shit for your shit?

Think of it as a, "Don't ask, don't tell internet news source POLICY." We promise not to ask about your political views and in return you need to shut the fuck up when you feel the impulse to tell us about YOURS.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Playa Manzanillo in Costa Rica

Playa Manzanillo in Costa Rica, about 20 minutes south of
Puerto Viejo.

We had been trying to get to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica for the longest... HELLO, we've lived here 5 years and had never been to the Caribbean side of the country, what's up with THAT? We've always found ourselves on the
Pacific side-
Manuel Antonio, the Nicoya Peninsula, Tamarindo etc. Finally, we got a chance to take a Road trip to Puerto Viejo. About time.

Puerto Viejo is nice, great vibe, chillin parties, sweet reggae tunes and even if you never smoked pot in your life, Puerto Viejo just makes you want to buy a bong and light up, hell, they do in the restaurants and bars there.... and you know what they say, "when in Rome" at least that's my excuse. As far as beaches go, we prefer the beaches south of Puerto Viejo, like Playa Manzanillo, Cocles, Chiquita and Punta Uva, but at night, Puerto Viejo is the place to hang.

Most people think you have to stay IN Puerto Viejo, but there's nice hotels and B&B's along the road leading to Manzanillo and if you don't want to cook, you could hang out at Maxi's Restaurant, which pretty much makes up the entire town of Manzanillo.

Bottom line, if you're in Puerto Viejo, you need to check out the nicer beaches south, so here's a quick view of Playa Manzanillo and watch it to the end when D'Angelo gets attacked by killer ants...hehe.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Puerto Viejo- Hotel Review Coconut Grove

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica has many hotels and hostels to choose from, like this one, Coconut Grove.

Coconut Grove in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is a 4 room hostel. Actually, STRIKE that, more of a budget hotel. There was 4 of us and we took the apartment- full kitchen w/ a big refrigerator, 2 rooms, 4 beds, ceiling fans, supposedly hot water that we never got to work, small porch w/ hammock. Not bad for $45.00. *There is additional charges for additional people but the owner will barter somewhat... depending on the season and occupancy rate.

I think I'd put some A/C in the apartment, it can get hot at night in Puerto Viejo.

Coconut Grove may have seen it's BEST days but it's also apparent it could see them again. It has BIG area that could be made into a communal, party/sitting/chillin/dining/whatever, room. We couldn't tell if renovation was coming or going but it definitely has potential if the owner feels so inclined. Coconut Grove was lacking in personality but our apartment was a nice place to chill, play cards, chat, so it was all good. *Right now, Coconut Grove is a place to sleep, it's not a place you'd 'hang out'- BUT IT COULD BE.

Here's our REVIEW of Coconut Grove in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica:

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puerto Viejo Restaurant Review- Jammin

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is on the Caribbean side of the country and fairly close to the Panamanian border. Puerto Viejo has a serious Jamaican VIBE going on- or maybe there's just a lot of guys with dreads, smoking pot and listening to reggae. Regardless, it's definitely got a different vibe than the Pacific side of Costa Rica- not necessarily better, just different.

You would think there would be a lot of Caribbean-style influence in the restaurants in Puerto Viejo, but actually no- although coconut milk is used a LOT. Jammin Restaurant, we were told, was the only 'jerk' place in town. Others had tried, but not successfully. Anyway...

Jammin, off the Main St and close to the beach in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

We just had to check it OUT, plus we thought it looked like a really COOL little building- eclectic knick knacks about and there was some great reggae beats originating from there as well.

*It should be noted the food we ordered at Jammin was excellent BUT... although we couldn't see it, the good looking waitress serving us obviously had a stick WAY up her ass, and based on her attitude and personality, it had been there a LONG time. Luckily for us, a girl named Megan started her shift about 3/4 through our meal, she was very friendly and made up for 'bitch girl'.

Here's our review of Jammin:

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Manzanillo Costa Rica - Maxi's Restaurant

Manzanillo, Costa Rica, 20 minutes south of Puerto Viejo.

Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and has a uniqueness all its own. It doesn't take long to notice (and feel) the Jamaican influence. Surfers, Rasta's, young hippie dudes and older guys who wish they were one of the three, hanging in Puerto Viejo just makes you want to light-up and chill on a hammock at the beach..... with some Marley in the background of course.

Manzanillo is about 15-20 minutes south of Puerto Viejo and if you're in the area, you're going to want to check IT, and the other nicer beaches south of the cloud of pot smoke in Puerto Viejo. Make time for Cocles, Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo.

As you drive into the very, VERY small town of Manzanillo it's impossible to miss Maxi's Restaurant since it pretty much makes up the town and if you didn't stop you'd drive right through the front door, so directions aren't necessary.

Our friends, David and Mindy along with D'Angelo at Maxi's Restaurant in Manzanillo Costa Rica.

From the outside, Maxi's looks like MOST Tico restaurants around the county, a lot of wood, beer signs, soccer jerseys and open air seating but unlike most other places, the food was very good at Maxi's. The prices are pretty much what you would find in the States so unfortunately it's not 'cheap eats' but at least you're getting what you pay for.

Here's our VIDEO REVIEW of Maxi's Restaurant in Manzanillo, south of Puerto Viejo:

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Volcan Poas

La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Volcan Poas in Costa Rica represent a GOOD day's adventure.

I can't believe we've lived in Costa Rica for 5 years and hadn't been to Volcan Poas or La Paz- not even once. *Our VIDEOS of La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Volcan Poas are BELOW.

I'm a BIG fan of volcano's and although I believe the Arenal Volcano in our neck of the woods, (La Fortuna), is hard to beat with it's magnitude, sheer beauty (especially at sunset) and ever-erupting ways, Volcan Poas is also worth a look see. But like the Arenal Volcano, the Poas Volcano isn't always 'out' and is often covered over in a misty fog and/or cloud coverage. I would say go to Poas first, the chances of a decent VIEW are better in the morning and then venture over to La Paz for rest of the afternoon. If you hike over to the 'other' lagoon at Poas, I think you'll be impressed with the trail, the foliage is VERY mossy-COOL there, so don't miss out if you're into vegetation and lushness. Actually, it's almost sp@@ky.

TIP: the souvenir shop at Volcan Poas National Park is stupid expensive, go elsewhere for your wooden toucan, 'Made in Columbia' and magnetic tree frog.

The trail from the Poas Volcano viewing area to the lagoon.

We were pleasantly surprised by La Paz Waterfall Gardens. A little 'zooey' for our taste, but they also mix 'zoo-like' with the 'natural' and it's a convenient place to go if you don't have a lot of time in Costa Rica to see the animals or perhaps you're older and need a more senior citizen friendly place to visit.

D'Angelo's new found skill: the 'Hummingbird Whisperer'.

I particularly liked the hummingbird garden... and the ocelots... and the toucans... and the waterfalls... and for about 10 minutes we even discussed (and rationalized) why we should steal the kinkajou and take it home with us.

The kinkajou. In the video D'Angelo gives him a massage, so CUTE.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Volcan Poas are worth it, especially if you're stuck in San Jose with nothing to do or you just don't have enough time to see the animals in their natural habitats.

Here's our VIDEOS:

A walk around La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica.

And not to far away from the La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the Poas Volcano aka Volcan Poas. *Great thing is, you can visit them BOTH on the same day and ENjoY a nice day trip out of San Jose.

A video glimpse inside Volcan Poas National Park.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Someone can't drive 55 in Costa Rica

Is it possible to outrun the police in Costa Rica?

On our way from Manuel Antonio to La Fortuna the driver passed the Costa Rica police check point at approximately 85 mph, well, he did slow down a little, but apparently only as a ruse.

There's no WAY the driver missed the police motioning him to pull over, hell, the policeman was standing in the road for god sake, if the driver hadn't seen him, he'd have run him over- pork chops anyone?

The driver had passed approximately 8 cars on a double yellow and the police were sitting in a prime location to see the act in progress- hand TOTALLY caught in the cookie jar.

Enter cop- pointing to the driver and motioning him to pull over.

The driver acted as if he just might pull over but upon reaching the police check point the driver gunned it and the police quickly turned into a 'Laurel and Hardy' skit, complete with dramatic hand motions and speechless mouth gestures. At least that was the scene from the rear-view mirror.

This driver must have been CR-a-ZY! Hadn't he heard of walkie-talkies, helicopters... radar guns with the capability of reading license plates.... apparently NOT! Dumbass, he's going DOwn, you just don't run from the police.

I know for a FACT this is the second time this driver 'kept going', the other time being in San Jose when he was passing cars on the right and the lane abruptly ENDed and the check point began... f'in police, always RIGHT there when you don't need them.

I'm pretty sure I know what was going through the drivers brain- Immigration status, question after question, high fees, bribery, deportation, Costa Rican jail with a guy name Jose that thinks you have a nice ass....... the mind plays tricks, even I know that.

So, at some point the driver obviously says, "fuck it", let's see what happens- and punches it- Thelma and Louise style...bitches.

WOW, this could be interesting and I got a front row seat but as turns out, it's NOT.

And here lies the moral of the story as it pertains to Costa Rica- NOTHING happens, nada, zip, zippity-do-da, no chase, no helicopters, no fees, no jail time, no NOTHING... so I'm thinkin this driver deserves some props for having the gonads....

So, for your amusement and mine, and because I'm celebrating the fact someone has a bigGER than BIG BALL sac:

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