Monday, October 4, 2010

Someone can't drive 55 in Costa Rica

Is it possible to outrun the police in Costa Rica?

On our way from Manuel Antonio to La Fortuna the driver passed the Costa Rica police check point at approximately 85 mph, well, he did slow down a little, but apparently only as a ruse.

There's no WAY the driver missed the police motioning him to pull over, hell, the policeman was standing in the road for god sake, if the driver hadn't seen him, he'd have run him over- pork chops anyone?

The driver had passed approximately 8 cars on a double yellow and the police were sitting in a prime location to see the act in progress- hand TOTALLY caught in the cookie jar.

Enter cop- pointing to the driver and motioning him to pull over.

The driver acted as if he just might pull over but upon reaching the police check point the driver gunned it and the police quickly turned into a 'Laurel and Hardy' skit, complete with dramatic hand motions and speechless mouth gestures. At least that was the scene from the rear-view mirror.

This driver must have been CR-a-ZY! Hadn't he heard of walkie-talkies, helicopters... radar guns with the capability of reading license plates.... apparently NOT! Dumbass, he's going DOwn, you just don't run from the police.

I know for a FACT this is the second time this driver 'kept going', the other time being in San Jose when he was passing cars on the right and the lane abruptly ENDed and the check point began... f'in police, always RIGHT there when you don't need them.

I'm pretty sure I know what was going through the drivers brain- Immigration status, question after question, high fees, bribery, deportation, Costa Rican jail with a guy name Jose that thinks you have a nice ass....... the mind plays tricks, even I know that.

So, at some point the driver obviously says, "fuck it", let's see what happens- and punches it- Thelma and Louise style...bitches.

WOW, this could be interesting and I got a front row seat but as turns out, it's NOT.

And here lies the moral of the story as it pertains to Costa Rica- NOTHING happens, nada, zip, zippity-do-da, no chase, no helicopters, no fees, no jail time, no NOTHING... so I'm thinkin this driver deserves some props for having the gonads....

So, for your amusement and mine, and because I'm celebrating the fact someone has a bigGER than BIG BALL sac:

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B Tranquilo said...

In this case perhaps the driver "was not caught" - however, Costa Rica has a policy that if the drivers caar tag is noted (written down or via photo) that a ticket can be issued and must be paid in conjunction with the annual marchamo. This happened to a friend of mine; not for speeding but for another driving infraction; he had to pay the ticket when he paid for his marchamo a few months later.Perhaps tickets issued in this manner may be appealed, I don't know.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanx for the comment and the HEADS-UP. Thankfully, very thankfully I might add, the rental car was turned in without incident. Care to guess as to who the driver was?

Anonymous said...

In Costa Rica the guys who are in charge of traffic, they arent cops, i mean, they cant arrest anybody, they can chase them but unleas the real police gets there they cant do anything thata because theres: "Traffic police" and "Police", Police is the one who arrest people and have helicopters and that movies stuffs, "Traffic police" just make some fines and "easy things", thats why the driver you are talking about got no arrested.